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Review of hybrid USB tuner Behold TV Cruise on site PCTuner.ru!
"Behold TV Cruise is not a first tuner with USB interface in Beholder product line and it was expected that functionally it will turn to be head and shoulders above its predecessors. And so it happened. Behold TV Cruise supports all actual today analog and digital, aerial and cable standards of TV and radio. Flexible application software allows to completely reveal all hardware capabilities of tuner and, at that time, has transparent and friendly interface. Taking into account that situation around digital video broadcast standards is stabilized, we can confidently say that new tuner model well also be demanded in the future for many years".

25 November 2014

Test of hybrid USB tuner Behold TV Cruise on site Reviews.ru!
"Reviewed in details all features and capabilities of new hybrid USB TV-tuner Behold TV Cruise, we may say for sure that this model suits ideally for current condition".

26 September 2014

Test of hybrid PCI-E tuner BeholdTV T8 on site Reviews.ru!
"It's time to draw conclusion. I treat the new PCI-E tuner BeholdTV T8 to be logical development of Beholder product line, which thus far had only one PCI model with full support of major digital terrestrial broadcast standards. BeholdTV T8 is interesting not only by its miniature size, but also by extended functional support and excellent quality of analog television reception, which makes it very interesting from the pont of view of using it in compact Mini-ITX and HTPC computers".

1 December 2013

Full review of hybrid TV-tuner Behold TV T7 with support of DVB-T/T2/C on site Reviews.ru!
"Finalizing the talk about possibilities of new hybrid TV-tuner Behold TV T7, I should note that this model came right at the time… What concerns tuner itself, to be more precise, production sample of Behold TV T7, it worth to mention that due to the fact that developers used classical hardware-software platform, new tuner allowed to get guaranteed high quality of reception of both digital and analog broadcast, which in conjunction with well developed features of application software, for sure allows us to call this model a leader on the market of hybrid TV-tuners with support of DVB-T/T2/C standards".

30 September 2013

Review of hybrid TV-tuner Behold TV T7 on site F1CD.ru!
Tested by F1CD"…Overall this model represents praiseworthy sample of device that allows not only to view digital television in DVB-T/T2/C standards but also analog TV. In addition it worth to mention that it allows to listen to the radio – both FM and DVB – and supports capturing from external analog video sources. Low profile bracket and presence of connectors for both internal and external connection of IR-sensor for remote control makes Beholder Behold TV T7 a good candidate for installation to HTPC or even to ordinary PC, where it will suit for analog capture."

5 September 2013

Review of TV tuner Behold TV T7 on site Reviews.ru!
"Actually, there is only one question remaining for me: how this tuner will work in my conditions, which I treat to be non-ideal for stable reception of DVB-T2 reception? Thus far I can tell that using well known, I must even say proven by time, hardware stuff and the best application software in the market, allowed to keep excellent quality, rich functionality and available price, giving us the possibility not only to touch the new generation of digital TV broadcasting, but also to be ready for full scale launch of digital broadcasting throughout the country".

9 July 2013

Tablet PC Behold BeTAB 1042 – Android with Retina display. Review on site Hwp.ru!
HWP: Editors' choice!"At the moment of writing this review the cost of Behold BeTAB 1042 was at the level of $360. Indeed, the user pays for good stuff (relatively powerful hardware, large accumulator capacity), and Retina display is for gift. Unbonnet in the presence of Beholder.
…The launch of BeTAB 1042 finally stuns me, after all at the Retina display not only viewing movies, but also reading the books and web-serfing become true pleasure for eyes. Unfortunately, good impression is spoiled with slight slowing down, but something tells us that the release of new firmwares will fix this annoying issue.
But for the price of BeTAB 1042 we really may forgive many thing. And it is twice pleasantly that it is almost nothing to forgive. So on the price/quality ratio this model is simply above any praise. And we honorably award this device with our highest prize "Editors' choice"."

27 February 2013

Videoreview of tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 1042 on site F1CD.ru!
Tested by F1CD"…So far we have high quality 10" tablet PC with wonderful display and powerful hardware platform, capable of providing the work of almost any application on that resolution. All this is packed in high quality metal case, and at that time the tablet doesn't tend to discharge after 2-3 hours of Internet serfing.
The retail price of this solution is up to $370, and this price is more than competitive, and taking into account the display size, we think that this model will be fair for those who likes to read high resolution PDF on a tablet. Also for game-lovers, but in this case the future owner of this device should ensure the correct work of their favorite game titles before buying."

7 February 2013

"Beholder BeTAB 1041: excellent package" – note in the Chip magazine, December 2012.
"As a rule, inexpensive tablets use displays of poor quality. Beholder BeTAB breaks this rule. For reasonable price the user gets tablet… with high quality IPS display… Gadget consumes energy rather economically. So, after an hour and a half of viewing stream video, the indicator of accumulator charge shown 78%."

11 December 2012

"Review of Behold BeTAB 7004, or impressions after a month of usage…" – review on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews: Gold! Excellent buy!"At first glance Behold BeTAB 7004, with its assymmetric case and wide norder around display, seemed to me at least strange… Nevertheless, riding on the subway with it, I understood that exactly this design is most preferable…
Big advantage of this model is IPS display with wide angles of view…
What concerns disadvantages of Behold BeTAB 7004, I didn't notice them for a month of usage. Rathe to call them "pecularities", which one may pay attention to…
And, at last, the last question interesting for those who like Behold BeTAB 7004, – the price. According to data of Yandex.Market today Behold BeTAB 7004 may be purchased for $150."

1 November 2012

Comparison of two tablets – BeTAB 7004 and 1041 on site Hwp.ru!
"Perhaps, this is my first article for many years, where I don't want (more precisely, I can't) to choose the winner. If at first it was easy enough to compare Behold BeTAB 7004 and 1041, then the more I tested both models, the more I understood that it is just impossible to choose "right" model. It is like comparison car with motorcycle. Yes, both of them are vehicles, but they are different per se, although both of them perform the same functions. But you'll not succeed making "right" choice, because everyone has its own understanding of "right". I must admit that, before this testing I was an adherent of 7-8" models. But once tested BeTAB 1041 as an outright 10" tablet (I'll not be afraid to call it "paragon" in its market price segment), I've got so deep doubts, that I don't know for sure what would I choose if I was faced such a choice. I hope if only readers will make that choice."

11 October 2012

Videoreview of tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 7004 on site F1CD.ru!
Tested by F1CD"So, as a result we have device with its strengths and drawbacks, and we can easily state that the former prevail over the latter. Of course, we can't treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant design cover these disadvantages. Also the price for Beholder BeTAB 7004 is more than democratic – about $170 in retail; for that you'll get certification, warranty, localized documentation and technical support."

9 October 2012

"Beholder BeTAB 1041 – 9,7" tablet PC with IPS display and favorable price/quality ratio" – review on site ChekLab.ru!
"Tablet PC BeTAB 1041 made a good impression to us. High calculational performance, good display with normal resolution (although not as Retina), large built-in memory – all that are obvious pluses… Root firmware also adds positive features to the tablet.
Perfect implementation of browser and support of most videofiles allows us to treat tablet as excellent media for "content consuming" and spending the time with pleasure. Tablet's characteristics already allow to treat it not as low-cost, although the price is quite acceptable – about $340…"

3 October 2012

Videoreview of tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 1041 on site F1CD.ru!
Recommended by F1CD." In Russia retail price of Beholder Behold BeTAB 1041 is about $320. For this sum user gets high-quality tablet PC, that yield less to products of eminent brands. Perhaps, the only thing it lacks is built-in GPS-receiver, but this hardly may be called as drawback.
For the whole set of advantages, revealed by testing, excellent hardware characteristics and high quality of assembly Beholder Behold BeTAB 1041 tablet PC receives award of F1CD.ru portal – "F1CD Recommends!"."

10 September 2012

"Behold BeTAB 1001: first Android tablet PC, that not ashamed to compare with iPad" – review on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews: Gold! Our Choice!"Testing last year the more than one budgetary Android tablet, at e certain moment I cought myself thinking that if you are looking for inexpensive tablet, then you shouldn't dream about a good screen, stylish design and, of course, latest version of Android. Eventually I am resigned to the situation and decided that if I want the tablet with good IPS screen, as in Samsung or iPad, then I need to hoard money for Samsung or iPad. There is no other way.
Then imagine my surprise, when in the beginning of April I got for test the new 9.7" tablet PC Behold BeTAB 1001, which is capable to fundamentally change the situation on the market by making available that yet month ago was available only in very expensive models.
This tablet has all you can dream of, including excellent IPS screen with ten points multitouch, the same as in the iPad/iPad2, powerful CPU with high-performance graphical core, 16GB of memory, full support of variety of interfaces, including Wi-Fi 802.11n, high capacity battery and, of course, Android 4. With all this you may buy Behold BeTAB 1001 for the sum about $330. …First I didn't believe in that an inexpensive tablet may compete with expensive ones, but once I tried it and… I had no more questions".

9 May 2012

"Second Android tablet PC from manufacturer of TV-tuners – Behold BeTAB 1001" – review on site Hwp.ru!
HWP: Excelent buy!"Behold BeTAB 1001 – very interesting tablet PC. In comparison with previous model it reveals not so quantitative as qualitative advance. BeTAB 1001 armed with excelect IPS screen with 10 points multitouch, 1GB RAM, two 2Mp cameras and remarkable case that may be used as a good support…
There is only one thing that Behold BeTAB 1001 lacks to get our top award "Editors' choice" – 3G module (even if it will affect the price). In the rest it is very good tablet PC, which, no doubts, will attract the attention of potential buyers."

1 May 2012

Videoreview of tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 1001 on site F1CD.ru!
Tested by F1CD."At present the retail price of Behold BeTAB 1001 is about $350. Competitors for this price offer devices with OS Android 2.3 and not the best displays. In the case of our tablet PC we have an excelent IPS screen, powerful performance, new operating system and a good assembling quality. From drawbacks we should notice rather slow Wi-Fi and the absence of HDMI video output. The first minus is a drawback with a stretch – web-sites are opened without a problems, and that's a scope of tablet PCs. HDMI-output is also not often necessary – at home you'll view media content primarily from PC or media storage rather than tablet PC. So, if mentioned disadvantages are not important for you, you may easily buy Behold BeTAB 1001 – it worths the money it costs."

28 April 2012

Videoreview of tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 7071 F1CD.ru!
F1CD: Recommend!"With the exception of arguable design, Behold BeTAB 7071 left very pleasant impression. Taking into account not high retail price of about $300, this tablet PC will became good choice for that who needs built-in 3G-module. There are also models without 3G module on the same platform, and they could be interesting for potential buyer – one may rarely encounter budget-priced solutions, that work good and don't leave negative impression.
For the whole set of characteristics revealed during testing, budgetary price and comfortability in usage, tablet PC Beholder Behold BeTAB 7071 awarded by F1CD.ru – «Recommended»."

12 March 2012

Testing of Android tablet PC Behold BeTAB 7071 on site Hwp.ru (in Russian). Behold BeTAB wins award "Excellent buy"!
HWP: Excellent buy!"Behold BeTAB 7071 turned out to be very functional. It has all that only could be in a tablet PC, unless the GPS module, but you can connect it by Bluetooth. Speed and time of work on battery will be sufficient for most modern users. And the main trump of Behold BeTAB is 3G module that allows to enjoy surfing the Web all places all time. And don't forget about rich package – it has USB OTG cable and miniHDMI-HDMI adapter and comfortable case… Behold BeTAB unambiguously deserves attention of potential buyers".

22 February 2012

Test of Android tablet PC Behold BeTAB on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews: Gold! Excellent buy!"On the whole, Behold BeTAB leaves a very good impression. Nowadays it is rarely can be seen such a well thought-out and high-quality product, especially, in mainstream segment, where quality and functionality for a long time receded into the background and the main feature is the price. Due to a powerful stuff, Behold BeTAB without any problem manages most applications which could be today installed on Android tablets. It ideally suits for web-surfing, viewing video, talking in Skype and in social networks, reading books and even for popular games. Insignificant restrictions concern video in HD quality and only over the network, and some hard games, exigent to top performance of 3D engine, built into CPU. As for me, I noticed such features of tablet PC as accurate localization of Android (met for the first time in Android tablets), 3G support that allows to organize mobile connection to Internet without extraneous hardware, support of high speed Wi-Fi controller 802.11n, hight sensitivity sensor screen, two cameras, high performance and high capacity of accumulator, that allows to effectively use tablet round the day".

9 February 2012

«iXBT Brand 2011 – readers' choice» in nomination «TV-tuners» on web-site ixbt.ru!
Silver award iXBT Brand 2011"For many years remaining stable, this nomination in the voting of last year has undergone some changes for the first time. And again, apparently for several years has found a point of stability.
AverMedia, as the most advertised brand in the Russian market of TV tuners, kept the leadership, though "lost" three per cent. Did not give the second position and the Beholder, selling in our market quality TV tuners under the brand BeholdTV… For the first time being on the third position in this category in the last vote, ASUS even added 3% of the votes taken of, apparently, from AverMedia."

13 January 2011

Videoreview of media player Behold MP Ventus on site F1CD.ru!
"Video playback is up to HD 1080p, with good quality, thanks to digital interfaces HDMI 1,3b and S/PDIF. For compatibility with analog devices there is a full set of analog outputs. Network interfaces LAN 10/100 and WiFi (through additional USB-adapter) will make player the member of local network…
Behold MP Ventus proved to be interesting as Internet terminal. Surfing the web, viewing video through Internet and listening Internet radio — simple tasks for this media player…
And what about Android with its multitude of programs? At least if you like to setup and try — Android provides all for this trials. Even wireless mouse and keyboard can be easily connected to Behold MP Ventus, not mentioning USB devices. And go forth! May the green force be with you!".

10 January 2012

Test of media player Behold MP Ventus. Review on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews: Gold! Excellent buy!"Player assembled in very compact and stylish case, has a good set of inputs and outputs, but that's not the main. From our point of view, main feature is the competent software. We appreciate the use of multimedia shell, which, in our opinion, is a prerequisite for a modern media player. Very pleased with the implementation of a mechanism of network drives connection. Separately, we note the support of a wide range of formats and codecs, including support DVD and Blu-Ray structures, good network performance, and, of course, competently made software that allows you to use multiple Web services.
In other words, Behold MP Ventus include an excellent choice for the user searching an inexpensive, compact and well-localized solution based on Android, which could be equally useful as a full-fledged media player, and to launch various applications to extend the scope of its use."

9 December 2011

Review of new features of Beholder tuners on site Reviews.ru!
"With the release of new software Beholder has once again raised the bar for quality and functionality expected for the modern tuners. Adding the ability to use multiple tuners in one PC has solved many problems, not having yet easy and 100% working solutions…"

2 June 2011

Review of Beholder tuners on site Reviews.ru!
"Of course, one review is notenough for detailed investigation of all questions concerned with choice of modern TV tuner, nevertheless, even this will be sufficient to realize that there is nothing complicated in modern tuners, and once you understood what do you need and what you can expect from modern mnodels, the choice will not be difficult. In conclusion we would remember that capabilities of tuner depend not so on its hardware stuff as on application software. This become obvious on the sample of Beholder tuners, where even the cheapest models may boast of possibilities inavailable on tuners of other manufacturers".

13 May 2011

Videoreview of USB-tuners Behold TV Wander Lite and Behold TV Voyage Lite on site F1CD.ru!
"If we are looking for compact tuner with stable receive of DVB-T signal and good receive of analog broadcast, then Behold TV Wander Lite is worthy candidate. Especially if we intend to use it with notebook, when the necessity in remote control is rather low. Wander Lite was able to receive well in "village". In "city" or with good cable TV signal it provides excellent picture. What concerns Voyage Lite, it is able to receive only analog TV, and its advantages and limitations comply with its possibilities. By the way, antenna inputs of both tuners support GIAI technology – it is galvanically insulated and protected from breakdown by high voltage".

27 April 2011

Videoreview of TV tuners BeholdTV A85 and BeholdTV H85 on site F1CD.ru!
"Beholder Behold TV A85 and H85 – analog and hybrid PCI-E TV/FM tuners, saved by manufacturer from "excess weight". At that together with rarely used by mass consumers features (for example, RGB input) important functions weren't cut out. Entry level models keeped numerous functions of high level models, pleasantly loosing their price".

17 March 2011

Review of TV tuners BeholdTV H75, Voyage Lite and Wander Lite on site Reviews.ru!
"Now each model from all TV tuner series got its low cost analog, that, as you could see above, provides not worse the quality of reception and supports all unique features, provided by the current release of application software. Even, in spite of my personal attitude to the release of low cost PCI and PCI-E tuner model line, I must acknowledge that now the possibility of choosing the tuner for specific requirements became much broader".

16 February 2011

Review of low-cost hybrid USB TV tuner Behold TV Wander Lite on site Hwp.ru!
"User, first of all, is interested in receiving quality and low price. In 2011 Beholder company decided to renew the TV tuner product line, and to offer lite and low cost versions of their best TV tuners. Obvious sample of such lite model is Behold TV H85, and now the queue came to USB models. TV tuner Behold TV Wander Lite, the hero of our today's review, exactly designed for user, who reasonably counts every penny".

16 February 2011

Hybrid TV tuner Behold TV H85. Review on site Hwp.ru!
"The standard for good modern TV tuner today is the PCI Express interface and support of both analog and digital DVB-T TV broadcast. And though each TV tuner manufacturer on Russian market has to have pure analog models in assortment for regions that yet haven't digital TV, our immense fatherland already has areas, where the aerial antenna can receive only digital TV broadcast and analog TV, if only exist, is available only by cable. As a rule, that are distant regions, far from provincial centers. But not always, – DVB-T signal is more robust to noise pickup, that's why even within one city where the analog TV retransmitter is in the visibility limits, there may be situation that analog TV is not received to the aerial antenna, if the building's windows directed towards the opposite side or the house is in the hollow. Digital TV is already presented in many regions of Russia and now hybrid TV tuners are the very things worth to buy."

1 February 2011

«iXBT Brand 2010 – Readers' Choice» in nomination «Manufacturer of TV tuners» on site ixbt.ru!
Silver award iXBT Brand 2010"For the first time for the many years this most stable nomination of our poll underwent the changes. Of course, AverMedia as most promoted brand on Russian market of TV tuners kept the leadership. Didn't left the second position also Beholder, selling high-quality TV tuners under the brand Behold TV. But the bronze winner of the past years, company Pinnacle, left the top three and that's no surprise."

17 January 2011

Test of low cost PCI-E TV tuners Behold TV H85 and A85. Review on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews: Optimal choice!"For those who are looking for TV tuner for PCI-E bus, company Beholder prepared an excelent present launching two low cost PCI-E TV tuner models, that are named Behold TV H85 and A85. From the name you may conclude that these models belong to eighth generation of TV tuners. Behold TV H85 – is a hybrid model, combining together the possibility of receiving digital broadcast, analog TV and FM-radio broadcast. Behold TV A85 represents pure analog model with built-in FM-radio receiver."

9 December 2010

Behold TV A7 – top analog TV tuner, test of new model on site Hwp.ru!
"Today we'll review TV tuner Behold TV A7 from Beholder company, which, as known, doesn't need presentation. At present Beholder completely renews the product line of internal TV tuners for PC. First of all, changed the naming ideology – instead of three digits (for example, Behold TV 503, Behold TV 509 and so on) introduced naming «letter-digit», as for our tested Behold TV A7."

26 September 2010

BeholdTV 503 FM and A7: New revisions of well-known TV tuners. Review on site Reviews.ru!
"Beholder company continues to renew the legendary product line of PCI TV tuners, and next to low cost model BeholdTV 501, that became a good choice for those who seek the most cheap TV-tuner, that combines the good receiving quality and extended functionality of BeholdTV application software, launches at once two models, that successfully extend the product line of popular models, targeted to users that seek an optimal TV tuner combining low price and extended hardware and software functionality, natural for top models of Beholder TV tuners."

8 September 2010

Beholder Behold TV Theme: Test/review of new TV Box on site f1cd.ru!
Tested by F1CD"Is it worth now, at the time of rapid growth of digital devices and formats in our everyday life, to talk about TV tuner for receiving analog broadcast, and even more – standalone TV box – Behold TV Theme? What is attractive for modern customer in this compact standalone box that doesn't require software installation?"

3 August 2010

Beholder Behold TV 501: Test/review of analog TV tuner on site f1cd.ru!
Tested by F1CD"TV tuner Behold TV 501 has PCI interface and receives only analog TV (and FM!) channels and captures analog video (from S-Video and RCA "tulip" inputs). Who may be surprised by such characteristics… But do we need to surprise every time? What will we loose and gain if we choose low cost Behold TV 501? Already for many years we are adjured, lured or frightened by total digital era. Sound is digital a long time ago and most users listeners use digital audio formats and devices. Pictures and photos – surrendered at the pressure of digits, and in spite of there still continue discussions about shades of color rendering on modern digital devices, nowadays many pro-photographers and all amateur photographers prefer digital devices. The same fate striked also video, texts and who knows what else – all is transfered to the digital formats. But not quite all. In our country TV and FM broadcast, being produced and prepared in digital technologies, still broadcasted in analog signal."

27 July 2010

Behold TV 501 – most available TV tuner from Beholder. Review of TV tuner Behold TV 501 on site Reviews.ru!
"As a whole, Behold TV 501 leaves positive impression. Of course it couldn't be proud of presence of RDS decoder, hardware MPEG encoder and ARPC technology that allows to control the power functions of PC, but it is not required here. It's main benefit is that it has very attractive price, high quality and reach functionality that are inavailable not only low cost tuners of other manufacturers but even their top models."

9 July 2010

Behold TV Theme – the most compact TV box. Review of Behold TV Theme TV box on site Reviews.ru!
"We already told many times, what purposes the standalone tuners are designed for, and how it may become invaluable addition to your old display, that you can't bring yourself to throw out, or to home projector, turning them to the full TV set, possibilities and quality of which may become an object of envy. That's why we won't make a long introductions and immediately proceed to the main – review of new Behold TV Theme, main features of which are compact case and very available price."

5 July 2010

Long expected TV tuners Behold TV H8 and A8 with PCI Express interface. Review on site Hwp.ru!
HWP: Excellent buy!"Beholder company, which credo is to make most up-to-date and rich of functions TV tuners, didn't release for a long time models for PCI Express bus, most required in modern PCs, where sometimes it is the only possibility for upgrade, of course, not considering USB. It may seem that company intentionally ignores this bus, and every new announce of Beholder tuner attracted our attention primarily by the interface – when PCI Express model will appear at last? Indeed, more than a year developers from Beholder wrought the novelties. After all, unlike many other manufacturers just copying reference-design from NXP and making the same tuners with their own logos, Beholder ought to integrate all its hardware and software technologies to the completely new platform. And at last – long-expected release, two boards with PCI Express 1x interface, hybrid Behold TV H8 and analog Behold TV A8. Words mixed up, breath disrupted, pulse raised, but let's cope with this excitement and see, what represent these novelties in characteristics."

25 May 2010

Beholder Behold TV H8 and Behold TV A8 – Brothers in Tune. Review on site f1cd.ru!
F1CD: Our choice!"Twins. Said that they are so similar that only mother is capable to distinguish them. Beholder Behold TV H8 is hybrid TV tuner for PCI-E bus. Beholder Behold TV A8 is analog TV tuner for PCI-E bus. Sharp-sighted will find difference in their appearance, nevertheless they are similar like two peas in a pod. But if there difference from "inside"? Or all the trick is just another type of antenna connector? You'll not get it not trying it."

13 May 2010

First test of PCI-E TV tuner BeholdTV H8 on site Reviews.ru!
"After a year from releasing PCI TV tuner BeholdTV X7, in which Beholder for the first time implemented "silicone" RF-module and three new technologies, company advertises new generation of PCI-E TV tuners. We can't say that today the transfer to the PCI-E bus is vitally important. Especially if we are talking about classic analog and hybrid tuners, where usual PCI solutions may exist as long as our mainboards will have PCI bus. Nevertheless, there exist areas, where classic PCI bus become unsatisfactory. And the reason is not so in throughput capacity as in solutions that may not be designed using old component base. First of all we are talking about so-called mega-hybrid and multi-channel TV tuners. TV tuners making up the new product line don't belong to that interesting and expensive direction, but represent classic analog (BeholdTV A8) and hybrid (BeholdTV H8) TV tuners, capable to receive aerial analog and digital TV and radio broadcast. But this doesn't reduce their value in the product line of modern TV tuners. Just the opposite, due to combination of merits, peculiar to all previous series of BeholdTV tuners, and new capabilities, uncovering the potential of hardware, we can talk about that these TV tuners will easily eclipse all available today PCI-E tuner models."

28 April 2010

Beholder Behold TV H7 – review of hybrid PCI-tuner. Review on site f1cd.ru!
F1CD: Recommended!"Beholder Behold TV H7 – is a hybrid TV tuner for PCI bus. This sentence needs explanation? Behold TV H7 turns PC into TV and FM receiver, capable of receiving signals of analog and digital (DVB-T) TV broadcast, and also into recorder for recording TV and FM broadcasts. In addition to these valuable multimedia capabilities, Behold TV H7 will show the signal from external device on your display or will record it. But this is not yet all. The Devil, as known, is in the details, and there is a lot of details here."

28 April 2010

TV tuner Beholder Behold TV H7 – cutting out all superfluous. Review of TV tuner BeholdTV H7 on site Hwp.ru!
"TV tuner Behold TV H7, lite version of hybrid TV tuner Behold TV X7, that announced more than year ago. Behold TV X7 model itself became very popular exactly for those users who demands maximum functionality from PC. But in mass sector all capabilities of X7 are extraneous. Manufacturer decided in the following manner: no need to surpass himself if he can offer to buyer all that demanded in X7 but cheaper by excluding hardware MPEG encoder? Indeed, by removing the chip NEC D61151F1 from the board, Beholder company got noticeably cheaper tuner."

22 April 2010

First review of TV tuner BeholdTV H7 on site Reviews.ru!
"In connection with release of operating system Windows 7 and beginning of translation of digital terrestrial broadcast, on the market of TV tuners take place a sudden changes. Instead of surprising us by their new models equipped by a kind of ultra-fashionable and unknown hardware solution, all leader players focused on more available and traditional models that allow to achieve the same result as more expensive models. Trying to conform to the spirit of the time, Beholder company announces its new model of hybrid TV tuner BeholdTV H7. This model belongs to the seventh series of Beholder tuners, which consisted before only of one, functionally advanced model, X7."

1 April 2010

On a survey «iXBT Brand 2009 – Readers' CHoice» in nomination «Manufacturer of TV tuners» Beholder company awarded silver medal!
Silver medal iXBT Brand 2009!

12 January 2010

Pecularities of using Beholder TV tuners on Windows 7. Review on site Reviews.ru!
"Today we are at the verge of launch of new operating system Microsoft Windows 7, which official release is planned on 22 October 2009. There is a lot of materials in the network, describing all new capabilities of new operating system in details, that's why we'll not repeat it and will talk about readiness of all parts of our computers, and, in particular, review pecularities of using Beholder TV tuners under control of "Seven"."

20 October 2009

Review of Beholder Behold TV Wander and Behold TV Voyage on site PcTuner.ru!
"Company Beholder first of all known on Russian market as manufacturer of unique on their technical features tuners with PCI interface and software for them. Besides, there are TV boxes in the product line, that don't need to connect to PC. Weren't forgotten also mobile solutions, which until now were presented by only one model of Behold TV Columbus tuner with PCMCIA interface. However, due to gradual rejection of using this interface by notebook manufacturers in place of PCMCIA tuner model came more universal solution with USB2.0 interface."

20 October 2009

Behold TV Wander and Behold TV Voyage – long-awaited USB-tuners Beholder. Review on site f1cd.ru!
F1CD: Recommend!"Universal solution, that with equal success may be used in desktop PCs, notebooks, compact nettops and in so popular in our country netbooks, where there are no other extention options as USB devices. At the same time, company launched at once two models – hybrid Wander and analog Voyage, both with FM-radio support. Let's take a closer look at them… Summing up, I'd like to say that Beholder USB tuners, no doubts, worked well. With retail price $74 for Behold TV Voyage and $96 for Behold TV Wander both models become excellent buy and offer to potentioal customers for the price slightly below market average their stability and one of the very best application software in package."

16 August 2009

Review of USB TV tuners Beholder BeholdTV Wander and Voyage on site Hwp.ru!
"Universal solution, that with equal success may be used in desktop PCs, notebooks, compact nettops and in so popular in our country netbooks, where there are no other extention options as USB devices. At the same time, company launched at once two models – hybrid Wander and analog Voyage, both with FM-radio support. Let's take a closer look at them…"

20 August 2009

USB TV tuners BeholdTV Wander and Voyage: First look. Review on site Reviews.ru.
"Beholder company, known as manufacturer of PC TV tuners, made a true present for its worshippers by releasing two new models at once, made in USB stick format. For us, however, as for many worshippers of Beholder TV tuners, this event has a great significance. With the release of new models the unique possibilities of Beholder tuners became available not only to owners of desktop PCs, but to happy owners of notebooks and especially fashionable today trend of netboxes and netbooks that can't use PCI, PCI-e or ExpressCard tuners. That's why compact USB tuner is the only way to view and record TV programs."

4 August 2009

Review of hybrid TV tuner BeholdTV X7 on site PcTuner.ru!
"Beholder is not the company that uses standard solutions to achieve its goals. Due to innovative approach in developing and application to production of new unique technologies to this market segment, launch of every new TV tuner model become a true remarkable event. So this time besides main functions, that must have every modern PC TV tuner, developers presented to their customers new unique possibility to control antenna inputs, and also a set of other technical novelties that will be discussed below."

1 June 2009

TV tuner Behold TV X7 got "Best buy 2009" award in magazine Upgrade #18/2009.
Upgrade: Best buy 2009!

20 May 2009

Behold TV X7 – Thow Heads, but One Heart. Review on site f1cd.ru.
"We got latest tuner Behold TV X7 inour test laboratory. Notice that this is not just new tuner but representative of a new series, that inevitably promises some cardinal innovations and differencies from previous series. In addition, Beholder always thoroughly thinks the launch of every product over. In connection to this, new products appear not so frequently, but every tuner has a long lifetime before phasing out, and support by driver and software updates."

2 April 2009

Review of hybrid TV-tuner BeholdTV X7 with hardware MPEG encoder on site HardwarePortal.
HWP: Excellent buy!"What may surprise when we talk about hybrid TV-tuners that we already tested enough? Only by useful innovation. Such as, for example, hardware MPEG encoder with excellents quality on low bitrates or universal antenna inputs. Or overvoltage protection on antenna input."

2 April 2009

TV-tuner BeholdTV X7: First Test of New Facilities. Review on site Reviews.ru.
Reviews.ru: Our Choice!"In comparison with other manufacturers of TV tuners, Beholder doesn't frequently give us a treat of new models. But inspite of this, we are waiting every new model with trepidation. 9 February 2009 Beholder announced new tuner that received the name BeholdTV X7, telling us that it belongs to the new, 7-th series of BeholdTV tuner. Prefix X in explanation of manufacturer means that this is hybrid TV-tuner with hardware MPEG2 encoder. One would think, what's surprising in this? Similar models already for long time presented in product lines of other manufacturers, nevertheless, don't forget that we are talking about Beholder – company thet never launched ordinary tuners. In every new series Beholder not only used best hardware components, but also original architecture solutions that raised the guiding line of quality and functionality even to the higher level."

18 February 2009

Beholder TV tuners – What to Choose? Advices to Buyer. Article on site f1cd.ru.
"Beholder – one of the most eminent brands on Russian market of TV tuners. For the several years of active and very fruitful work this company developed multitude of TV tuners and gained a very enviable reputation of stably reliable manufacturer, producing exceptionally high quality products. If you are already decided to join the ranks of users of Beholder products, but still don't know what to choose, this article will help you to make correct choice."

10 February 2009

New Beholder plugin: crawling line – efficiency is high! Review of new plugin on site Hwp.ru.
"Not serious article about serious plugin from Beholder, due to which you may make every TV channel informational by adding crawling line composed from RSS feeds. Be up on the news when watching MTV, Sport or Culture, change boring broadcaster to more interesting movie or what you like. And get your information pool, without repeats, on any TV channel!"

20 January 2009

New possibilities of Beholder TV tuners. Review of new plugin on site Reviews.ru.
"We told many times about Beholder plugin system that allows to realize multitude of useful and pleasant possibilities. Today we want to tell about new plugin "Crawling line". It was first mentioned long ago. It was planned to be used for translation of commercials to the network, nevertheless, to make it more interesting for wide range of users, developers decided not to restrict themselves just to out the text line and implemented the engine for work with RSS feeds, that opened almost unlimited possibilities for informational content of TV broadcast."

15 January 2009

As a result of poll «iXBT Brand 2008 – Readers' choice» in nomination «Manufacturer of TV tuners» Beholder company got a second place!
Silver award of iXBT Brand 2008!

14 January 2009

Review of new TV tuner Behold TV SOLO II on site Reviews.ru.
Reviews.ru: Our choice!"At a conclusion of BeholdTV SOLO II TV tuner review I want to notice again that in spite of high enough price, this tuner remains most happy choice for those who seeks most complete and functionally advanced device that has possibility to enhance functionality. Today BeholdTV SOLO II has no serious competitors that have so good realization of all its features. No doubts, there are interesting models of standalone TV tuners on market that have similar hardware stuff and promising support, of course not all but many of announced SOLO II features, but nevertheless, when start to study them deeper, it turns obvoius that they are far to the high level, established by Beholder. That's why BeholdTV SOLO II receives reasonable award "Our choice"."

5 December 2008

Review of new TV tuner Behold TV SOLO II on site HardwarePortal.
"The following could be stated for sure – at high volatility on market, with uncertainty with DVB-T in Russia, TV tuner Behold TV Solo II remains the same attractive for money investment as before, assured return of 100% during the warranty period excuses even the excess of price for Intro slightly more than refinancing rate."

23 October 2008

Next test of Behold TV INTRO TV tuner on site Reviews.ru.
"In order to make picture more attractive for perception, you need to use "Panoramic" mode, that ideally implemented in Behold TV INTRO, so why not to connect it between sattelite receiver, decoder or just an antenna, especially because the quality of receiving components of INTRO noticeably higher than that integrated in modern TV sets, and so to distinctly enhance possibilities of your TV."

19 June 2008

Review of TV tuner Behold TV INTRO on site HardwarePortal.
"…this is "niche" model that will have the competetive price with a sufficient set of features, some of which are unique, as a main advantage. For example, unique feature for the Beholder tuners is the ability to ajust the picture for each channel individually, change the signal level and noise reduction, and now is a common for standalone tuners interface, that facilitates the TV channels setup and further firmware update."

19 June 2008

On site F1CD published review article on plugins for Beholder TV tuners – http://f1cd.ru/tuners/arts/behold_tv_plagins_page_1/.
"Modern software must not only be functional but also as flexible and comfortable as possible. It is needed to note that each company tries to achieve this by their own way, but in this article we'll review very intriguing feature of Behold TV application (speciality of the house Beholder) – support of the plugin system, due to which one may enhance functionality of application literally for times."

30 May 2008

Review of TV tuner Behold TV H6 in "Chip" magazine, April, 2008.
"Perhaps, for today Behold TV H6 is the most happy choice not only for that regions, where the broadcast is already moved to digital, but for the cities where you may only dream about DVB-T."

29 April 2008

Review of TV tuner Behold TV H6 on site 3DNews.ru
"Qualitative and well thought-out component base, one of the most functional and convenient (amongst absolutely all TV tuner manufacturers in the world) application software and excellent receiving quality. By the way, device is equally good both for novice (due to thought-out presets) and for advanced user (numerous different settings and possibilities for improvements)."

14 February 2008

TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra receives award "Our Choice" in magazine "Zhelezo", #2/2008.
Zhelezo: Our choice!"As a result of testing the award "Editors' choice" receives Behold TV M6 Extra for maximal functionality, both in hardware and in software."

11 February 2008

TV tuner Behold TV SOLO receives award "Original Design" in testing on site iXBT.com!
iXBT: Original design!"…Saving individual settings for each channel, full support of wide-screen displays with several scaling modes, support of FM-radio, presence of transcoder of TV standards and possibility of firmware update in total allows to mark Behold TV SOLO by award of our site for original design."

11 February 2008

Editorial stuff of "Home PC" magazine awards TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra mark "HPC's advice" for "high technical perfection and absolutely righteous price".
HPC's advice: Mark for technical perfection and righteous price!

23 January 2008

As a result of polling «iXBT Brand 2007 – Readers' choice» in nomination «Manufacturer of TV tuners» Beholder company got a second place!
Silver award iXBT Brand 2007

14 January 2008

TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra received award "HPC's advice" after testing by "Home PC" magazine (December, 2007).
"Quality of recording with hardware compressing – very worthy, so that this tuner may be recommended for creation of digital video library… Behold TV M6 Extra – very good TV tuner with very qualitative reception of analog TV broadcast and FM-radio."

28 December 2007

Review of TV tuner Behold TV SOLO in "Upgrade" magazine, #49/2007.
"…Quick view of TV on display (both in full-screen and in window) clearly demonstrated that quality of modern TV processors is high enough: for the sake of decency tried to find any drawback in picture, but, frankly speaking, failed."

12 December 2007

TV tuner Behold TV H6 got award "Excellent buy" on site HardwarePortal!
HWP: Excellent buy!"…Optimist at heart, – I also believe that DVB-T will come to Russia in a full-scale broadcast. And looking at HDTV screenshots, got with the help of Behold TV H6, I want it much more. That's why when choosing between Behold TV 609 RDS and Behold TV H6, I would definitely prefer hybrid. The only hybrid that from the beginning is intended for country with analog TV broadcast. Whose traditional RF-module will be helpful during the period of "hybrid broadcasting" and whose chipset contains MAC-address for possibility to work with Internet through DVB-T."

5 December 2007

TV tuner Behold TV SOLO got award "Unique Hardware" on site PcTuner.ru!
PCTuner: Unique Hardware award!"Standalone TV tuner Behold TV SOLO – is not just another model in product line of company. This novelty, no doubts, claims for something more. In spite of that there was some criticism during the review, new tuner favorably differs from other samples on the market. Along with reliable reception, qualitative picture, support of stereo sound, high resolution and different useful modes of work, tested model has a whole set of unique features. In essence, this is the nature of company Beholder that launches products that have especially ponderable competitiveness."

5 December 2007

On site Reviews.ru published review "First Test of Hybrid Tuner BeholdTV H6".
"Excellent gift for all admirers of Beholder tuners, especially for those, who already have possibility to view digital aerial TV broadcast, became launch of long-awaited hybrid TV/FM-tuner BeholdTV H6. I've got information about start of development long enough, but, then it wasn't clear enough what will be in the result. The only thing I was sure, – this will be something interesting."

3 December 2007

Review of TV tuner Behold TV SOLO on site 3DNews.ru
"Of course, Behold TV SOLO – is the most unusual standalone TV tuner from present on the market today. To its unique features it worth to attribute unusual but ergonomic design in retro style, presence of FM-radio on board, presence of video outputs along with inputs, and also possibility of upgrading firmware with full support by manufacturer over the Internet. But these are not the all merits of our today's hero. Qualitative soldering and well thought-out component base, sensitive reception and excellent quality of picture, perfect FM reception, comfortable customizable menu with fast responce, support of high resolutions and wide choice of output picture aspects, presence of Picture-On-Desktop mode."

15 November 2007

Review of TV tuner BeholdTV M6 Extra in "Upgrade" magazine, #24/2007.
"…Power of modern processors is enough to compress video stream in real time, nevertheless on simultaneous launch of two or more tasks in background, system may fail: dropped frames and desynchronization of audio and video are warrantied. In our case the load will take 10-15% of resources, the rest of 85-90% use at your wish. That's why lovers of videocapture should suppress their greed: this tuner is not much more expensive than common ones, but the use will be obvious."

4 July 2007

Article on site HardwarePortal – "Third anniversary of Beholder: new plugins for a gift".
"This year at the end of the May company Beholder celebrated third year of presence at the Russian market. We already told about progress and achievements of this company for the first two years of existence (see article "Beholder: The way two years long"), and now we have the next occasion to talk about how changes the Russian market of TV tuners, and what new prepared this, already became popular, manufacturer."

3 July 2007

On site Reviews.ru published review "Beholder: History continues…", dedicated to the activities of Beholder company, to characteristic features of its products and to the probable trends of development.
"…There are several reasons of successful development of company. One of the most important, at our point of view, is in the ability to hear and to foresee the users' wishes. Due to this rare ability, company succeeded to create products that covers requirements of very different categories of users: from that who seeks the tuners with the optimal price/quality ratio to that looking for the most sophisticated tuner that supports modern trends."

26 June 2007

TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra receives award "Our Choice" from "Zhelezo" magazine, #6/2007.
Zhelezo: Our choice!"…Very helpful is the hardware encoder that drastically reduces the CPU load. As in the previous model, it has possibility to turn on PC by remote control: it is sufficient to connect cable to the mainboard – all needed cables are included to the package."

18 June 2007

Editorial stuff of "PC Magazine" (june, 2007) marked TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra by certificate "Product that got the utmost experts' mark in laboratory tests".
The utmost mark of PC Magazine's experts!"…Hardly with modern technologies inside the PC case it is possible to get more clear picture than that provided by M6 Extra. Channels switch without clicks and annoing blinks, feature set is excellent."

18 June 2007

Review of TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra on site Terralab.
"TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra may be related to the samples of the best built-in PC television receivers of the latest generation without any reservations. Excellent hardware base, also proven and comfortable software application give in sum excellent result – excellent quality of reception, picture and videocapture."

23 May 2007

Testing the work of TV tuners Beholder in operating system Windows Vista on site HardwarePortal.
"All TV tuners Beholder, from the first Behold TV 403 to the last Behold TV M6, including Columbus, fully ready to the new operating systems Windows Vista, both 32-bit and 64-bit. So the owners of "beholders" may surely upgrade their systems to Windows Vista."

18 April 2007

Article "TV tuners Beholder: Pecularities in work under Windows Vista" on site Reviews.ru
"Next time Beholder demonstrated extraordinary approach to the realization of new mechanisms, providing full compatibility with all possibilities of new operating system, that still hides many secrets and questions. Besides, it is good to see new functions and instruments, noticeably extending possibilities of both «software» and «hardware» tuners."

13 April 2007

Testing TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra in "UPspecial" magazine (April, 2007).
"…With excellent hardware rigging Behold TV M6 Extra has powerful software package, flexible and simple enough in setting up. Behold TV M6 Extra – uniquie tuner, without any doubts best in our testing."

11 April 2007

Review of TV tuner Behold TV M6 Extra in "Zhelezo" magazine (April, 2007).
"…Tuner Behold TV M6 Extra revealed positive impression of its work. To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view with timeshift, and also advantages implied by its principles: very convenient to look football shown in a small window in a corner of the display and to chat in ICQ with friends using the free space of desktop."

10 April 2007

TV tuner BeholdTV SOLO got award "Excellent buy" on site HardwarePortal!
HWP: Excellent buy!"…In their time Beholder company greatly changed our conception about TV tuners by setting the some kind of quality and functionality level. Today BeholdTV Solo does the same with TV boxes. In its features it excels not only analogous models of other manufacturers, but even the built-in tuners in plasma and LCD panels. That's why it is quite possible that the scope of usage of BeholdTV Solo will exceed the limits of PC, and instead of displays it will be connected to plasma and LCD TV sets."

26 March 2007

Review of TV tuners BeholdTV M6 and BeholdTV M6 Extra on site 3DNews.ru
"Behold TV M6 and Behold TV M6 Extra – is logical sequel to sixth series of TV tuners of this manufacturer. From previous models M6 and M6 Extra got very high functionality, excellent quality of hardware and software design and ease of control. But the main advantage of new models, of course, is possibility of hardware encoding – widest possibilities of compression settings, satisfying the requirements not only amateurs but also professionals, and also very high quality of obtained video!"

15 March 2007

Review of TV box BeholdTV SOLO on site Reviews.ru
"Having considered main possibilities of new BeholdTV SOLO, we can surely state that this is the most advanced TV box that providesnot only excellent quality of picture and sound, allowing to treat it as a real alternative to the built-in tuners in modern panels, but having impressing functional facilities, noticeably extending possibility of using it both in composition with home PC and with home entertainment center."

7 March 2007

Review of TV tuner BeholdTV M6 on site PcTuner.ru
"New model Behold TV M6 Extra demonstrated during tests excellent results, next time confirmed the status of Beholder company as one of the leaders of PCTV market. At that time most surprising became exploiting not very traditional architecture with little known hardware MPEG-2 encoder Philips SAA6752HS, due to which the new tuner remained very similar in functions to preceding models, but in connection with it, its capture possibilities became more professional. No one other TV tuner on market has such variety of hardware encoder settings, and that will definitely please those who wish to get maximum freedom of action."

15 February 2007

Testing the work of TV tuners BeholdTV M6 and BeholdTV M6 Extra in operating systems Microsoft Windows MCE and Vista on site Reviews.ru
"Summing up, I'd like to ask, why to make a compromise when consider quality and functionality? Unusual achitecture, used in M6 tuners, turned to be more than just competent and balanced, offered for rather inexpensive sum the unique set of features, never seen in other tuners with hardware encoders, keeping at that time the reference high quality of picture and sound, and providing the most correct work with Media Center."

7 February 2007

TV tuner Behold TV 609 RDS got award "TV Tuner of the Year" in "Igromania" magazine (February, 2007).
"The winner in our recent test of TV tuners became Behold TV 609 RDS. It excellently receives broadcasts in meter and decimeter wavelength ranges, you may see broadcasts both in window and full screen… So good also tuner receives radio."

24 January 2007

Our TV tuner BeholdTV M6 Extra got award "Internal TV Tuner of the Year" on site HardwarePortal!
HardwarePortal: Best tuner of 2006 year!"This is the top of evolution of analog TV tuners. All that it was possible to create, all achievements of indistry presented by this model. And traditionally best quality."

10 January 2007

On results of traditional poll "Brand of the year", conducted by site iXBT.com, TV tuners Beholder got second place!
Silver award iXBT Brand 2006"Beholder greatly strengthened its position for the last year and succeeded to force out Pinnacle from second place. On the results of poll of year 2006 19,2% of iXBT.com visitors orefer this brand on the market of TV tuners."

9 January 2007

Our TV tuners BeholdTV M6 and BeholdTV M6 Extra got award "Editors' choice" on site HardwarePortal!
HWP: Editors' choice!"Beholder company created namely that model of hardware TV tuner, when you sacrifice nothing when you buy it, to the contrary – you got definite advantages of its encoder. All results of developments of Beholder company, all technologies and software functions realized in M6 series, that's why today these are the best tuners from Beholder company."

25 December 2006

Review of TV tuner Behold TV 609 RDS in "Zhelezo" magazine (December, 2006).
"…Localized TV program, comfortable scheduler, etc. – all this clearly demonstrates, that the success of device on market may be not only the result of the successful investigations in the area of hardware, but also the result of good software. Here one harmoniously supplements the other. As the result we have nothing else as to recommend this device to everyone without exceptions for those who thinks about buying or upgrading of TV tuner."

19 December 2006

Article "«PIP» mode realization in Beholder tuners" on site Reviews.ru!
"…During using PIP mode it was interesting to check how increases the CPU load, which, to hear from manufacturer, sums up from the oad by plugin and driver. Plugin takes about 5% of CPU resources, and driver load may vary from 3-5 to 20%, and mostly depends on that how the driver is implemented. Minimal load was observed when using two Beholder tuners Beholder (about 10%). When using tuners based on Conexant chipset the load has increased for more than two times, and that is not surprising."

14 December 2006

Editorial staff of "Home PC" magazine (December, 2006) awarded TV tuner Behold TV 609 RDS by sign "HPC's advice" for "high technical perfection and absolutely righteous price".
HPC's advice: Mark for technical perfection and righteous price!"…As before, we hadn't complaints about the quality of receiving TV and radio broadcasts – all available channels were found from the first trial, manual ajust if only required for those channels with very weak signal level… Summing up: Behold TV 609 RDS is a good product of high quality assembly, with rich functionality and package."

13 December 2006

"First look at the BeholdTV M6 Extra" – review on site Reviews.ru!
"…So what, possibilities demonstrated by Beholder impress, and we could only wait when this unique tuner will appear in shops and we'll be able check all demonstrated to us by developers and to share with you our own impression. By the way, it is interesting to check not only the work with the native application BeholdTV, but also the work of two tuners M6 on Windows MCE, where developers promise to please us by some uniquie features that for sure will be observed in next article."

27 November 2006

Testing the work of two Beholder tuners in PiP mode on site HardwarePortal!
"…As already was stated in the beginning of article, we awaited "picture-in-picture" function for a long time, and at last it appeared in relatively available variant, especially for those who already have one or even two Beholder TV tuners. Once spent the whole day with two Beholder TV tuners we've made a simple conclusion – this is very interesting function."

24 November 2006

"Igromania" magazine (November, 2006) awarded TV tuner Behold TV 609 RDS by diploma "For high picture quality and well thought-out software application".
Igromania: Diploma for high picture quality and well thought-out software application"…The receiving quality of this tuner is beyond praise, even weak signal it receives well. So, Behold TV 609 RDS – obvious favourite of our test… In hard receiving conditions not every tuner is capable to show clear image without noise. best of all this task was performed by analog tuner Behold TV 609 RDS."

21 November 2006

TV tuner Behold TV 609 RDS received award "Original Design" in testing on site iXBT.com!
iXBT: Award for original design!"…at present Behold TV 609 RDS is the most functional PC TV tuner with PCI interface without support of hardware encoding and YUV-separation. So, RDS decoding, additional connector for IR sensor, PC power control and support of foreign remote controls allow us to mark this model by award for original design."

17 November 2006

Review of 5-th series of Beholder TV tuners on site Reviews.ru!
"…Considering all these facts, we can make a interesting conclusion that fifth series got a completely new meaning, became a some kind of golden mean, equally interesting both for those who seeks inexpensive solution as a replacement for an old tuner, and for those who thinks that possibilities of sixth series are somewhat redundant. At that time, independent of their price all seven models presented on market today provide excellent picture quality, confirmation of which you may see above."

3 November 2006

Review of sixth series of Beholder TV tuners on site 3DNews.ru!
"…Added features of cards sometimes even surprise, and ordering in new product line, new approach to the package and systematization of model names are very pleasant gift to the users. To be more specific, in new models payed much more attention to comfort and functionality of remote control – possibility to use foreign remote controls, turning PC on from remote control and so on. And this is the main salt of sixth series, which, we hope, manufacturer will continue to develop in future. Besides, new cards distinguish by more convenient and functional connection of external audio and video devices."

1 November 2006

Review of sixth series of BeholdTV tuners in "Upgrade" magazine, #42/2006.
"…In general, tuners Behold, I think, best in their class. They ideally suit for those who for some reason is unable to look TV programs on common TV set. And for insatiable users, of course, too."

25 October 2006

TV tuner BeholdTV 507 RDS receives award "Best Buy" in "Zhelezo" magazine, #10/2006.
Zhelezo: Best buy!"…For those who seeks device with more favorable price, we recommend to pay attention to model Beholder BeholdTV 507 RDS – this device is perfectly equipped for its price, demonstrates good receiving quality, and plugin engine makes its possibilities almost unlimited."

16 October 2006

Review of TV tuner BeholdTV 609 RDS on site PcTuner.Ru
"…New TV-FM tuner from Beholder company during the tests demonstrated excellent results and leaved a multitude of positive emotions. As it was stated by manufacturer, Behold TV 609 RDS has excellent sound and picture quality, godd sensitivity of RF-module, providing stable reception of TV and FM channels, and, of course, has very functional application software, which is, no doubts, best in the market.

11 October 2006

Review of TV tuner BeholdTV 609 RDS in "Computer Bild" magazine, #15/2006.
"…We hadn't any complaint to the quality of picture provided by BeholdTV 609 RDS. On receiving weak signals the sample on test noticeably excelled known analogs on picture and sound quality."

9 October 2006

Sixth series of Beholder TV tuners got one more award! This time is on site Reviews.ru!
Reviews.ru: Our choice!"…So, now we can state for sure that architecture chosen by Beholder is most successful, providing us, users, by magnificent set of functions and excellent quality. Moreover, already now appeared ideas about development of sixth series, which, we hope, will soon be available in new version of application software, but we'll talk about that in another article."

1 October 2006

New, sixth series of Beholder TV tuners was awarded by medal "Excellent buy" on site HardwarePortal!
HWP: Excellent buy!"…Too long the community of TV tuners owners dreamt about turning the PC on by remote control, about scheduled recording from turned off PC and about support of foreign remote control units. And all these functions appeared, at hardware level and all in one application software. Taking into account the previous experience with Beholder, one may say for sure that they'll be improved on and will get new settings. All four TV tuners Behold TV 60x positioned as top and placed to the top of list of Beholder models. The differences in functions between them are so negligible that if you ask me, which model is to choose for your PC, I'll respond – any."

28 September 2006

Article "Beholder: The Way Two Years Long" on site HardwarePortal
"…Two years ago, at the end of the May 2004, on Russian market of PC hardware happened an event that cannot be overestimated – the Beholder company entered the market with two TV tuner models. Now brand Beholder is known without overstating to hundreds of thousands of PC users, and the name itself is closely connected to TV tuners. Active strategy of Beholder company management led to that the TV tuners development epoch divided into two stages: "before Beholder" and after."

23 June 2006

To the birthday of Beholder company on the site Reviews.ru published the article "Beholder – Two Years After…", that reflects main milestones in two year history of company development – milestones that at our view have great importance both for us and for the whole industry of PC TV. We hope for futher fruitful cooperation and promise to please our worshippers by new, perfect products – for true experts in quality and reliability!
"…Analysing main stages of development of Beholder for the past two years, it is difficult to foresee the next step of company, which for the whole period didn't make any serious mistake and offered for us exactly that products and solutions that were needed at the moment, and noticeably left behind its main competitors. We may say for sure that in future we'll see more than one extraodinary solution, which, probably, will be differently apprehended by public, but we are sure that this will be functional and high-quality product that has a great potentioal for the future…"

23 May 2006

We propose to look at the recording of broadcast "Matter of technique", that appeared today on TNT channel and telling about functions and peculiarities of Beholder TV tuners.
Recording of broadcast 'Matter of technique' on TNT channelDownload! 384x288, 3:15, 7.2 MB

12 April 2006

On site Reviews.ru published article "Behold TV 505 RDS: Available TV tuner with RDS support".
"…Three weeks of using Behold TV 505 RDS allowed for us to make an interesting conclusion that confirms an idea put to the base of new tuner, namely, it became obvious that in common conditions, when you don't need all unique possibilities of SAA7135 chipset, 505 model turned to be quite adequate and popular solution, that allows to get high picture quality for lower cost."

12 April 2006

Article "3D TV on PC – TV/FM-tuner BeholdTV 507 RDS" in "Upgrade" magazine, #10, March 2006.
"…So what, the quality of tested by me "Beholder" is very very high. It was even capable, despite of efforts of local TV company, to catch three more channels than I payed for. As a bonus – 3D picture. Price? Reasonable. If you still don't have tuner, but you need it, you may easily buy BeholdTV 507 RDS."

15 March 2006

On site Reviews.ru published article "New possibilities of Beholder TV tuners: Stereo TV and new scheduer".
"…So, it seems that company Beholder next time succeeded to surprise us by extraordinary approach to the development of software for its TV tuners. Whereas for other tuner manufacturers is normal just to release commonplace software, performing five main functions, Beholder continues to please us by new ideas and solutions, which, undoubtedly, deserve of all kinds of praise and respect."

13 February 2006

TV tuner Behold TV 507 RDS got award "Original Design" in testing on site iXBT.com!
iXBT: Award for original design!"…The main competitor of Behold TV 507 RDS on Russian market is AVerTV Studio Model 507. At that the software from AVerMedia greatly yields to Behold TV application both in functionality, and in stability. Also the price difference is not to the favour of the Taiwanese grand. In short, for those who want to get the model with maximum functionality, but not ready to pay extra $20-30 for additional possibilities provided by hardware encoders, Behold TV 507 RDS may become a good choice."

6 February 2006

Review of plugin BPP_Anaglyph on site HardwarePortal
"…Due to the efforts of Beholder company, already today everyone who wishes to view common broadcasts in 3D stereo may use PC with any of the Beholder tuner installed, to get three-dimensional TV from boring. This became possible due to the new software plugin, developed by Beholder's specialists, capable to convert flat picture to three-dimensional. We'll get know today, how and why it works."

2 February 2006

Review of TV tuner Behold TV 507 RDS on site F-Center.
"This interesting model proved to have a lot of advantages, while didn't find any noticeable drawbacks. New Behold TV 507 RDS tuner was really capable to represent itself as most advanced model in series by demonstrating excellent receiving quality and the same functionality. Beholder tuners already for a long time became a serious competitors to the recognized grands of the market, and now it is the question who chases who. Evaluating very rich set of useful features, and also reasonable prise of the tuner, which is about $70, Behold TV 507 RDS may easily be recommended to buy. Especially for those who likes to listen to the radio, working at the PC."

26 January 2006

Site 3DNews.ru awards the TV tuner Behold TV 507 RDS by "Best Buy"!
3DNews: Best buy!"…On the picture quality Behold TV 507 RDS doesn't yield to the two tuners from AVerMedia examined above, and also wins on the channels where the signal is not strong enough. In particular the following situation was observed – on some channels on TV set was seen noticeable noise, while viewing on PC with Behold TV 507 RDS there wasn't any noise at all. It is the result of powerful application software with filters and high quality hardware."

23 January 2006

TV tuners Beholder were recognized by site Reviews.ru as best tuners of year 2005!
"In year 2005 we thoroughly observed the changes occured in the market of TV tuners, where, at our point of view, occured a sudden rotation of brands, and for the first time the leadership was taken by company Beholder, that during the whole year didn't stop to surprise us by its new designs and ideas."

19 January 2006

As the results of year 2005 on site HardwarePortal in nominations "TV tuner for notebook" and "Internal TV tuner" unconditionally won models Behold TV Columbus and Behold TV 507 RDS respectively!
HWP: Best tuner of year 2005!

13 January 2006

Review of TV tuner Behold TV 507 RDS on site PcTuner.ru
"…New BeholdTV 507 RDS turned out to be, undoubtedly, best PCI-tuner, launched by company at the end of the year 2005. Made on new, noticeably improved with the aim of noise resistance, PCB, it took all the best was in the other internal TV-FM tuners Beholder, and also got new interesting features and the remarkable function RDS, which will surely be estimated by those who like to listen to FM radio."

10 January 2006

As the result of poll «iXBT Brand 2005 – Readers' choice» in nomination «Manufacturer of TV tuners» company Beholder took honourable second place!
Silver award iXBT Brand 2005

10 January 2006