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5-th series of tuners

Comparative table of BeholdTV tuners 5-th series

Model 501 503FM
Interface PCI 2.2 PCI 2.2
Chipset SAA7130HL SAA7135HL
RF-module XCeive XC4100 XCeive XC4100
FM-radio +
TV range (MHz) 42.25 – 864.25 42.25 – 864.25
FM range (MHz) 60.00 – 160.00
Audio ADC 32/44.1/48 kHz
Audio effects Tone control
Incredible Mono
Incredible Stereo
FM standards Wide CCIR Stereo
TV audio standards BG/DK/I/L/M Mono Autodetect
BG/DK/I/L/M Mono
BG/DK A2 Stereo
BG/DK/I/L NICAM 728 Stereo
Video standards (antenna input) Autodetect
SECAM (50)
PAL (50)
PAL 60 (60)
NTSC M (60)
NTSC M Japan (60)
Video standards (AV inputs) Autodetect, SECAM (50), PAL (50), PAL 60 (60), NTSC M (60), NTSC M Japan (60)
Technologies IRC*, ARC**
Power consumption (Wt) 3.31 3.84

* IRC technology (Internal Remote Connection) allows to install IR remote control sensor inside PC case
** ARC technology (Advanced Remote Control) allows tuner to support other remote controls working in standards NEC, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony SIRC-12/15/20.