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Behold TV Wander Lite

Model Wander Lite

Hybrid TV/FM USB tuner

  • Receiving digital (DVB-T) and analog TV programs;
  • Support of HDTV (high definition TV) standards;
  • View TV in window or fullscreen;
  • Flexible TV channel scan and setup;
  • Channel list sort and profiles creation;
  • Viewing TV programs with stereo sound in A2/NICAM format;
  • Individual settings of each channel;
  • Built-in OSD menu;
  • Timetable in JTV format support;
  • Doubling frame rate in preview;
  • Digital processing of TV picture;
  • Support of additional plugin modules;
  • Multichannel preview.


  • Receiving digital (DVB-T) radio and FM broadcast in standard and extended range;
  • Comfortable channel search and setup;
  • Comfortable channel sorting;
  • Individual settings for each channel.


  • Recording video in AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2 and DVD formats using the codecs installed in system;
  • Processing picture while recording;
  • Compressing sound with audio codecs installed in system;
  • Capturing single frames or series of frames in BMP, JPEG and PNG formats with resolution up to 768*576;
  • Displaying detailed information about recording process;
  • Saving individual presets for recording;
  • Recording by schedule;
  • Support of Windows energy saving modes.

Service functions

  • Broadcast audio and video to network;
  • Timeshift in DVB-T, TV and FM
  • Individual settings for mouse buttons and hotkeys;
  • Individual settings for control panel indicator and OSD menu;
  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Standby timer;
  • Teletext with local language support;
  • Multilanguage interface.

Additional functionality provided by plugin modules

  • Downloading from the web and output to screen a small frequently updated pictures called "Informers";
  • Hiding or making less visible on screen any logo of TV channel;
  • Extracting and saving a static parts of picture, channel logos etc;
  • Applying own logo on picture while recording or broadcasting to network;
  • Saving proportion of picture independent of window size or display aspect (in full screen);
  • Scaling and positioning picture frame when recording;
  • Correcting the U/V color components of TV signal with respect to Y component (luminosity);
  • Mirroring picture, rotating and color inverting;
  • Transforming picture to anaglyph stereo;
  • Measuring parameters of an arbitrary visible line of TV frame;
  • Seven different deinterlace algorithms;
  • Four different denoise algorithms;
  • Eight channel switching visual effects;
  • Removal of doubling and tripling picture;
  • Noise reduction and picture sharpening;
  • Filling border with selected color;
  • Simple guard system based on TV-tuner with motion detection;
  • Showing current date/time while viewing or recording;
  • Detecting the commercials translated without channel logo;
  • Analysing Y, R, G and B components level distribution;
  • Gamma correction for each RGB channel of picture;
  • Turning off PC or setting additional actions on TV signal loose;
  • Learning foreign language by method of subliminal message (25th frame);
  • PiP (picture in picture) if you have more than one TV tuner;
  • Crawling line with any text or news from RSS web feeds.


Video standards:

  • TV:
  • SECAM (50), PAL (50), PAL 60 (60), NTSC M (60), NTSC M Japan (60)

Audio standards:

  • TV: BG/DK/I/L/M Mono, BG/DK A2 Stereo, BG/DK/I/L NICAM 728 Stereo, M A2/EIAJ/BTSC Stereo
  • FM: Wide Mono

Tuner inputs and outputs:

  • Antenna: Input for connection antenna/cable
  • USB: Connection to PC USB port

System requirements

  • Pentium III 1000MHz or higher
  • USB 2.0 HiSpeed host controller
  • 256MB RAM or more
  • Audio adapter
  • Video adapter with support DirectX8.1 or higher
  • Operating system Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Package contents

  • TV-tuner
  • USB-cable
  • DVB-T/FM antenna
  • Application and driver CD
  • Setup quick guide