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Subliminal message (25th frame) plugin

This plugin illustrates realization and use of 25th frame subliminal message. In this case, the plugin implements a technique that, in theory, is designed to facilitate quick memorization and vocabulary of any language. From all similar techniques, using 25th frame, it differs in that it uses a real 25th frame built in the common television video stream.

Perhaps, the effect of 25th frame may disappoint many users. There is a suggestion that the 25th frame is absolutely invisible to the perception and thus is able to exert some influence on the subconscious. However, this is not the case. If question about the impact on the subconscious still remains open, then should be no illusions on the "transparency" of the 25th frame. The proof is this plugin. However, to make the 25th frame is less intrusive, the plugin uses a number of unconventional solutions, which will be described below.

It is difficult to say how effective technology of the 25th frame. In print you can find a huge number of publications both supporting and refuting the well-known theory. However, with the BPP_25Frame plugin anyone can try this effect on themselves and to draw their own appropriate conclusions.

Dialog window of plugin settings

The plugin includes a built-in, a carefully checked English-Russian dictionary of 8000 words and 15000 meanings. In addition to the built-in, the plugin can include any external dictionary with the entries of the following format:

  • Word1 - Translation1
  • Word2 - Translation2, Translation3

There must be delimiter « - » between two parts to output them to the screen in two lines.

You may add, change or delete words from your own dictionary directly in plugin setup dialog window. Before filling-in and editing the dictionary, you must create a file with the "dic" extention and select it as an alternative dictionary. Created dictionary will be saved to disk when you exit the application. Built-in dictionary may not be changed or edited.

The output of entries made by alphabet in the forward, reverse, or random order. Double clicking on an entry in the list starts showing the dictionary from the specified location.

Transparency, text color and background color for output is selected at will. By default, the background fills only the area directly below the text text. However, the plugin allows you to fill the whole screen with the background color, or vice versa, displaying text on a transparent background. The position of the text on the screen, in turn, can be set arbitrarily or even made random.

Subliminal message can be displayed on the screen not only with the frequency 1/25 per second. Output frequency may be adjusted and varies from each frame to the one per 200 frames, ie of 25 times per second to once every 8 seconds. In addition, the display frequency may be random. To set this option in the plugin, there are two fields. For example, if the values 5 and 50 filled into these fields, text will be displayed at random intervals, but no more than every fifth frame, and not less often than every 50th frame.

The same applies to the display time, which can vary in the range of one to 100 frames, and also may take a random value.

Plugin works in YUY2 and RGB24 formats. Please note: The plugin initialization at startup requires additional time. If you do not use plug-in, it is best to remove it from the list of active plugins.

List of changes and additions

Version 1.01
  • First release.
Version 1.02
  • Added automatic saving of settings separate for each user.
Version 1.03
  • Added saving settings under Windows 7.
Version 1.04
  • Added support of Behold TV instances.
Version 1.50
  • Added english interface.

Link to the plugin: BPP_25Frame_v150.zip (135.1 kb)