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Aspect plugin

BPP_Aspect plugin allows to save proportions of picture in frameindepending of window size or display aspect (in full screen). First of all this plugin will be helpful for owners of wide screen displays with aspect ratio 16:9 or 16:10.

Plugin settings window

Five modes of plugin work provide binding of frame aspect to the window size, it's width, height, non-linear horizontal scaling of picture («Panoramic» mode) and it's transformation from 4:3 to 16:9.

In first mode plugin is actually turned off and the proportion of picture in window is controlled by video adapter driver. Also, plugin is automatically switched off in any mode except «16:9 Anamorphic», if proportions are close to 4:3. This allows to free part of CPU resources.

Screenshot Screenshot

Binding of aspect to window width or height is performed by cutting down the on top and bottom parts of picture or adding the left and right margins.

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

«Panoramic» mode provides full filling of window of arbitrary size with non-linear horizontal picture scaling. With this the proportions on the center of picture are constant – 4:3.

Screenshot Screenshot

«16:9 Anamorphic» mode transforms picture from aspect 4:3 to 16:9. This mode is necessary for viwing movies 16:9, which sometimes translated converted to aspect 4:3, as a result a picture on 4:3 displays is shown horizontally squeezed.

In «16:9 Anamorphic» mode and binding the frame aspect to horizontal window size is done by vertical scaling of picture. At that time the setting «Scaling by fileds» become actual. If you don't use scaling by fields, the order of even/odd lines of picture will be broken and interlaced picture combined with some software or hardware deinterlace filters may look as follows:


At that time, picture scaling without taking into account of fields provides better final result and is optimal for viewing progressive video.

When adding plugin you should take into account that only picture is transfored but not the output format as, for example, when scaling picture by means of application itself. The processed picture always have own aspect 4:3 and at screenshot you'll see the contents distorted. You also should place plugin in the processing list taking into account of this pecularity. So, for example, if you don't need that OSD clock or PiP window will be distorted together with main picture, you must place BPP_OSDClock and BPP_PiP plugins after the BPP_Aspect plugin. At the same time, AMP-plugin, plugins responsible for shifting color components and filling the marging, work with original picture and must be placed before the aspect plugin.

Video processing settings window

For correct work of plugin it is recommended to set aspect ratio "free for full screen" and «4:3» in aspect ratio setting of main application.

List of changes

Version 1.02
  • Added support of Behold TV instances.
Version 1.50
  • Added english interface.

Link to the plugin: BPP_Aspect_v150.zip (41.8 kb)