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Guard plugin

This plugin allows to organize a simple guard system based on TV tuner with motion detection in selected zones and recording video or sequence of screenshots on event detection.

Dialog window of plugin settings

Plugin activates and work only with selected TV channel or video input. Necessary channel is selected in dropdown list in plugin settings window or sets current on pressing the button on the left of channel list. The same way you may disable plugin by selecting the item "Channel not selected" from the list.

You may choose active zones, sensitive to motion, by clicking the mouse in the video window when settings dialog window is opened. Also here, in plugin settings dialog window, by pressing only one button you may remove or, vice versa, select all active zones and also invert the selection. The mask that you get you may save into file. On subsequent application launch the last saved mask will be loaded by default.

The «Sensitivity» value sets the level of sensitivity to changes in picture. The more this value, the more sensitive the detector.

The «Color» setting allows to choose or to exclude color from motion detection algorithm. The standard setting is motion detection on luminosity component of picture, i.e. based on grayscale picture.

To prevent false detection you may set to detect event only if activity was observed in a series of frames. While plugin analyses statistics, the selected zone will be highlighted by blue color (by default – color «Danger» in visualization settings). If the event was detected, selected zone will be highlighted by red (color «Alarm») and one of the selected reaction to an event will be launched.

Setting «Duration» points, how long time the plugin will react to an event, in other words, how much time will the video be recorded and how long the alarm sound will be played back after event detection.

Reaction tipe is set in the group with the same name.

On event following actions are available:

  • Snaphot;
  • Series of snapshots;
  • Video recording to file;
  • Video recording on timeshift;
  • Sound alarm;
  • Launch of an external task.

Attention! If you set the action as «Video recording», then for correct work of plugin it is necessary to add BPP_BTVGuard plugin to the list of capture plugins also in all used recording presets. Otherwise after the start of recording plugin will not be able to count selected time interval and stop the recording.

Video recording on timeshift mode allows to accumulate all alarm recorded videos in one file. To work in this mode you need to launch application in preview mode. After the first event the plugin will automatically pause the recording.

On selection of sound for alarm you may playback it and setup the loop playback. On event the sound will be played back continuously during the whole set duration of event.

Plugin is not able to control external devices, but allows to launch external processes (executable files), which in turn may control more powerful functions. Launched process must be able to finish the work by itself after performing it's task. You may prohibit in plugin the repeated launch of external process if the process has no control by itself on launching of another instance.

Such parameters as video and audio formats, limiting the size of recorded file, snapshot format and intervals, and other settings are controlled in «Recording» menu of Behold TV application.

In «Visualization» group it is settings of date/time format, color, transparency of active zones and grid on the screen, and also which visualization elements will be displayed on screen upon recording or preview.

When recording by hardware encoder the plugin is also able to perform it's functions, launch and stop recording on event etc., nevertheless, the selected visualization elements will not be applied to picture recorded to file.

The date/time format is set by means of macros, that represent the couples of symbols started with «%» sign. Below is the list of macros:

%a – weekday brief (Su, Mo, Tu, We, …)
%A – weekday full (Sunday, Monday, …)
%b – month brief (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, …)
%B – month full (January, February, …)
%c – date and time according to local settings
%d – day of month (01…31)
%H – hour (00…23)
%I – hour (01…12)
%j – day of the year (001…366)
%m – month (01…12)
%M – minutes (00…59)
%p – current local indicator A.M./P.M.
%S – seconds (00…59)
%U – week of the year with the Sunday as the first day of week (00…53)
%w – weekday (0…6)
%W – week of the year with the Monday as the first day of week (00…53)
%x – date according to local settings
%X – time according to local settings
%y – year without century (00…99)
%Y – year with century
%z – name or abbreviation of time zone
%Z – name or abbreviation of time zone
%% – symbol %


%x %X (Parking)05/06/07 13:20:45 (Parking)
%d %B %Y year %H hour %M min %S sec    05 June 2007 year 13 hour 20 min 45 sec

For more convenient work with macros you may choose them from menu by right mouse click in the edit window of output format.

Any other text entered to the input window that differs from macros will be displayed on screen without changes.

List of changes

Version 1.00
  • First release.
Version 2.00
  • Added automatic settings saving separate for each user profile;
  • Removed limitations on video stream format (YUY2/RGB24);
  • Added setting of sensitivity to color change;
  • Added sound alarm on event;
  • Added possibility of launch of an external application on event;
  • Added recording modes on event with pausing recording;
  • Added attributes setting and date/time output format;
  • Added setting of color and transparency of active zones.
Version 2.01
  • Added settings saving under Windows 7.
Version 2.02
  • Fixed the bug with sound control after manual stop of recording.
Version 2.03
  • Added support of Behold TV instances.
Version 2.50
  • Added english interface.

Link to the plugin: BPP_BTVGuard_v250.zip (70.8 kb)