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OSD Clock plugin

OSD Clock plugin allows to show the date, time, weekday, month and others in an arbitrary format on the screen.

Dialog window of plugin settings

The format is set with the help of macros that are the pairs of symbols beginning with the «%» sign. Below is the list of macros:

%a – weekday brief (Su, Mo, Tu, We, …)
%A – weekday full (Sunday, Monday, …)
%b – month brief (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, …)
%B – month full (January, February, …)
%c – date and time according to local settings
%d – day of month (01…31)
%H – hour (00…23)
%I – hour (01…12)
%j – day of the year (001…366)
%m – month (01…12)
%M – minutes (00…59)
%p – current local indicator A.M./P.M.
%S – seconds (00…59)
%U – week of the year with the Sunday as the first day of week (00…53)
%w – weekday (0…6)
%W – week of the year with the Monday as the first day of week (00…53)
%x – date according to local settings
%X – time according to local settings
%y – year without century (00…99)
%Y – year with century
%z – name or abbreviation of time zone
%Z – name or abbreviation of time zone
%% – symbol %


%x %X05/06/07 13:20:45
%d %B %Y year %H hour %M min %S sec    05 June 2007 year 13 hour 20 min 45 sec

For more convenient work with macros you may choose them from menu by right mouse click in the edit window of output format.

Any other text entered to the input window that differs from macros will be displayed on screen without changes.

To change the font of the output text, it's color and background, you need to click in the proper window with the name of font and current color.

Transparent background is made by setting it's transparency to zero. The same could be done with the text.

when adding the plugin to the list of recording plugins, all the information that shown in the screen will be recorded to file.

Below are the samples of formatting and placement on the screen:

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

List of changes

Version 1.01
  • First release.
Version 2.00
  • Added fonts antialiasing.
  • Added separate regulation of transparency for text and background.
  • Added possibility of flexible format setting for date and time output.
  • Added saving of settings separate for each profile.
  • Removed dependency between the size of font on the screen and size of video stream.
Version 2.01
  • Added saving of settings under Windows 7.
Version 2.03
  • Added support of Behold TV instances.

Link to the plugin: BPP_OSDClock_v203.zip (49.8 kb)