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Smart Deinterlace Plugin

Plugin BPD_Smart is designed to remove to «comb» effect on the edge of moving parts of the picture and belongs to the class of deinterlace filters that process odd and even lines of picture only on moving parts of TV picture.

Dialog window of plugin settings

During the work of filter builds so-called motion map that represents the difference of corresponding fields of next and previous frames.

The intensity of motion map is regulated by setting «Sensitivity» and determines the level of picture lines filtration. On low sensitivity you'll see the interlace structure of frame. On high sensitivity filter may affect the static parts of picture because of analog noise.

Setting «Persistence» allows to set the lag on updating the motion map. This allows to reduce the probability of appearance of artifacts caused by regular and periodic structures in picture.

Building the motion map is performed on luma (brightness) picture component. Adding the color processing allows to increase the reliability of filter work. Color processing slightly increases the CPU load when processing picture in YUY2 format (video output through overlay surfaces, VMR9, EVR), but highly increases the CPU load if the picture processed in RGB24 format (output video through primary surface).

List of changes

Version 1.00
  • First release.
Version 1.01
  • Added saving settings on Windows 7.
Version 1.02
  • Added support of Behold TV instances.

Link to the plugin: BPD_Smart_v102.zip (17.1 kb)