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Connectors pinout

Pinout of audio connectors, installed on TV tuners BeholdTV 401/403/403 FM

Audio connectors pinout

Pinout of combo A/V-input (connector MiniDIN 6PIN) on TV tuner models of Behold TV 6th, 7th series and Behold TV INTRO

Pinout of combo-input on 6 and 7 series

Pinout of combo A/V-input (connector MiniDIN 9PIN) on TB tuner models Behold TV H8/A8

Pinout of combo-input on 8 series

Pinout of combo A/V-input (connector PCMCIA 10PIN) on TV tuner models Behold TV Wander/Voyage/Columbus

Pinout of combo-input on USB and PCMCIA tuners

Pinout of IR-sensor on models of 4xx-5xx series (sensor Vishay TSOP1838 – 38kHz, 5V) and models of series 6xx, 7x, 8x (sensor Vishay TSOP34838 – 38kHz, 2.5-5.0V)

Pinout of IR sensor