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Application software for ALL PCI/PCI-E/PCMCIA/USB tuners for OS Windows 2000/XP/2003/MCE/Vista/7/8 32/64 bits

Driver and application software installation instructions

  • Fixed problem converting WCHAR<->ANSI when setting in Windows "Region" - "Format" is different from the system locale region (Windows 7 and above).
  • Fixed restoring from the system tray (standby) when you restart the app without command line parameters.
  • Fixed behavior of command line key -r:xxx together with -wu.
  • Fixed reset ARPC flag after reboots, if the computer has been turned on with the remote control.
  • Added command line key -sf to automatically start surfing channels.
  • Added ability to disable frame of subtitles, improved font smoothing of Teletext/Subtitles.
  • Added automatically updating the DVB channel name, if the service name was changed and the DVB channel name was not previously changed by the user.
  • Added the ability to restore the name of the DVB channel using the service name (context menu command in the list of DVB channels).
  • Added the ability to stop recording after manual cancel of scheduler task.
  • Added ability to set the volume level in the scheduler task to view.
  • The format of the date/time in the configuration file of the scheduler was fixed and now does not depend on Windows "Region" - "Format".
  • Added string resources English (US) in the plugin dialogs.


Newbtv_v528.zip (4 Mb)
  • Added support for H.265/HEVC video standard in DVB mode.
  • Added separate selection of H.265/HEVC video decoder (LAV Video Decoder is recommended).
  • Added ability to select AC3/E-AC3/DTS audio decoders separately from MPA1/MPA2.
  • Added channel surfing support for DVB mode.
  • Added getting LCN (logical channel number) and ability to sort of DVB channels by 3 criteria.
  • Added support for encoding UTF-8 strings in DVB EPG programs and channel names.
  • Added displaying of the current time from DVB stream in DVB EPG program dialog.
  • Added setting of displaying disabled channels in context menu and OSD menu.
  • Added support for dynamic change of MPEG2/H.264/HEVC and MPA/E-AC3/AC3/DTS formats with LAV decoder.
  • Added ability to write NULL packets in transport stream during recording of the entire multiplex.
  • Added display IQ constellation in the DVB multiplex analyzer.
  • Fixed problem of switching DVB channels with a set of video decoders, including the popular LAV Video decoder.
  • Fixed a randomly occured error when closing the Scan DVB Channels dialog window.
  • Improved algorithm of background updating of service information of the current DVB channel.
  • Added support of Windows 10.


Newbtv_v527.zip (4 Mb)
  • Added support of Behold TV Cruise Lite model.
  • Fixed falling of OSD EPG out of the video window on large amount of EPG information.
  • Fixed cutoff of symbols in scheduler timetable names.


btv_v525.zip (4 Mb)
  • Added support of Behold TV Cruise model.
  • Added hot keys of selecting necessary aspect ratio.
  • Added setting of subsequent switching of aspect ratio.
  • Returned back context menu of fast selection of video window size with automatic recalculation of aspect ratio.
  • Improved visual changing of frame aspect ratio in analog mode on channel switching.
  • Improved RDS radio text detection in FM Radio mode.
  • Improved work with low bitrate PLP (<5Mbps) in DVB-T2.
  • Added DVB video still screens with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Added displaying OFDM parameters for DVB-T2 Lite modulation and extended bandwidth.
  • Fixed changing aspect to "16:9 Anamorphic" on setting it per channel.
  • Fixed error of continuing recording of DVB stream into file after stopping timeshift.
  • Fixed switching TV system in "BG/DK auto" mode on channels with B/G/H systems.
  • Fixed rising of main audio mixer line under Vista/7/8 on absence of Wave line in the mixer.
  • Fixed displaying of different formats of DVB Audio tracks in context menu of video window.
  • Fixed displaying of JTV program list for selected DVB channel in OSD on set time offset.
  • Fixed absence of EPG program list EPG for selected DVB channel in OSD on repeated call of Info command.
  • Fixed work of %tvguide% macro for DVB EPG.


btv_v524.zip (4 Mb)
  • Fixed absence of DVB EPG program description on broadcasting of extended event descriptor in EIT tables.
  • Fixed displaying of DVB EPG program in OSD upon changing time correction on the fly.
  • Fixed creation of shortcut for Agent in Windows Startup group.
  • Fixed work of switch "All other streams" in record panel -> Digital Video Broadcasting -> Transport Stream (*.ts).
  • Fixed mouse cursor hiding in full screen mode on certain values of frame aspect ratio.
  • Fixed disappearing of OSD under certain conditions in Windows Vista/7/8.
  • Fixed loading of remote control pictures in settings panel after first installation under Windows Vista/7/8.
  • Fixed error in application during work of RDS decoder in FM radio mode.
  • Added possibility of saving frame aspect ratio on per channel basis for analog mode (may be switched off by user).
  • Added output of DVB EPG program description in OSD (may be switched off by user in OSD settings).
  • Added frequencies 50…106 MHz to the list of DVB-C channels.
  • Added possibility of automatic scanning of DVB-T/T2/C in given range with 1MHz steps.
  • Added workaround of problem with translation of anachronistic PTS/PCR in DVB multiplex, in particular this leads to the absence of sound in DVB-T2 channels "Radio Vesti-FM", "Radio Mayak", "Radio Rossii" of Russian Federal Package.
  • Added compatibility with Windows 8.1.
  • Allowed using teletext in DVB mode when recording.
  • Allowed access to the settings panel during recording, serfing and timeshift.
  • Scheduler tasks of "Preview" type are launched in full screen mode only if they were activated without interactive user session (launch on ARPC timer or BIOS).


btv_v522.zip (3.8 Mb)
  • Fixed problem of determination of exFAT file system and limiting file length to 4GB.
  • Fixed displaying of global CPU load in x64 Vista/Seven/8.
  • Fixed problem of PC awakening on scheduler when using more than one application instance.
  • Added profile Transport Stream for hardware MPEG encoder NEC (X7) and software encoder InterVideo in recording video/audio mode.
  • Added profile Transport Stream for hardware and software MPEG encoders in audio only recording mode.
  • Added pause function for hardware MPEG encoder SAA6752HS (M6[3]/Extra) in Transport Stream profile.
  • Added possibility of automatic application launch in full screen mode on turning PC on by remote control (for models with ARPC support).
  • Scheduler tasks of "Preview" type are launched in full screen mode.
  • Added setting of default paths for data storage: Records, Timeshift, TV program in BhConfig.exe utility. Under Vista/Seven/8 by default proposed personal paths in "Library" folder.
  • Added function of privileges elevation for BhConfig.exe utility for Vista/Seven/8 with active UAC.
  • Fixed absence of sound volume control by means of main mixer line for digital audio outputs in Vista/Seven/8.
  • Added new channel serfing modes 9x9, 10x10, 11x11, 12x12.
  • Added possibility of switching off DSP sound timbres on video recording.
  • Added support of Line Mono LL and RR in A/V input mode for USB tuner models (required driver or higher).
  • Added manual synchronization modes for PCIe tuner models based on SAA7231.
  • Added cyclic roll in OSD mode "Channel information".
  • Added possibility of inverting mouse wheel in control settings.
  • Added support of digital standards DVB-T2 and DVB-C.
  • Added new video aspects, separately for analog and digital broadcast.
  • Fixed work of video aspect PanScan 16:9 when working with wide screen sources.
  • Fixed absence of DVB EPG text lines, encoded in ISO-8859-(1-9) formats.
  • Fixed switching sound on from Mute on increasing level of system mixer in the case of "Use main mixer line for volume control" option is turned on.
  • Fixed Windows 8 compatibility issues.
  • Fixed silent application installation/deinstallation mode (key /S).


btv_v520.zip (4 Mb)
  • Added support for multiple tuners in system, – simultaneous work of several application instances, separate for each tuner. Supported main profile + 10 additional profiles. Each profile has independent settings.
  • Added possibility to use JTV timetable for DVB-T channels instead of DVB EPG.
  • Added protocol RTP multicast for MPEG TS/PS stream broadcast to IP network.
  • Added setting of session name for SAP notification when broadcasting to IP network on UDP/RTP multicast protocols, also session naming for SHOUTcast protocol.
  • Added RDS information translation as a dynamic title when broadcasting to IP network on SHOUTcast protocol.
  • Added support for models Behold TV Wander/Voyage Lite, Behold TV A8/H8/A85/H85/H75.
  • Added scanline mode setup function for TV-tuners based on Trident TM6010 chipset.
  • Reorganized dialog box for TV/FM channels and A/V inputs setting.
  • Optimized switching between DVB-T TV/Radio without DVB-T frontend reinitialization.
  • Fixed problem of stream lock on network broadcasting over HTTP/SHOUTcast when connected client with no host name resolution.
  • Fixed problem of DVB channel switching with H.264 stream with unaligned PES header.
  • Fixed work of DVB statistics on main panel after awakening application from sleep mode.
  • Fixed turning on the sound after DVB/Analog switching when sound is muted.
  • Fixed RDS information disappearing after recording or network broadcasting stop.
  • Fixed work of macros %tvguide% when starting record on scheduler.
  • Fixed mistakes on scheduler dialog box.
  • Fixed various mistakes on user notices.


btv_v517.zip (3.6 Mb)
  • Made icon restoration after reloading Explorer.exe;
  • Made awakening application from tray when launching another instance of application;
  • Changed access to recording mixer: mixer line changed only before recording start and only when recording sound over the sound card;
  • Added selection of DVB audio track from context menu of video window;
  • Added setting of Overlay Icon for Windows 7 taskbar;
  • Added recognition of E-AC3 audio tracks for DVB channels;
  • Added statistics of video and audio bitrate when recording DVB stream in TS format;
  • Made fast dynamic switching between streams MPEG2/H.264, also between MPA/AC3/EAC3/DTS/AAC when switching DVB channels with different streams (only for decoders Microsoft and AC3filter);
  • Added background check of changing DVB channel from source. Notification is shown when changes detected;
  • Added still-screen displaying when no DVB signal;
  • Added loading A/V standards for Behold TV Wander/Voyage models for correct work in Windows 7 Media Center;
  • Changed saving configuration file. Files are written only when configuration changed. Frequently changed parameters now saved in registry HKCU branch;
  • Fixed timeshift positioning on pause from remote control;
  • Fixed absence of some available MPEG2 and H.264 decoders in list (for example DivX7 H.264);
  • Fixed windows focus loose when using transparent OSD on Vista/W7;
  • Fixed mistake in library BeholdRC.dll;
  • Fixed mistake on receiveng a group of WM messages by PostMessage;
  • Fixed absence of application in app list when swithing on Win+Tab Flip 3D on Vista/W7.


btv_v510.zip (3.5 Mb)
  • Added support of OS Windows 7;
  • Added support of new USB models Behold TV Wander/Voyage;
  • Added support of Surprise Removal for correct application shutdown;
  • Added Teletext data saving in memory per channel;
  • Added binding of DVB-T antenna input (for models with DUAI) for each DVB-T transponder;
  • Added setting and control of global system hotkeys;
  • Added nonlinear function of main volume control;
  • Added setting of UDP packet size on network broadcast. Changed default UDP packet size, now it doesn't exceed MTU 1492 bytes (PPPoE);
  • Added support for integrated MPEG1/2 Windows 7 encoder for video/audio recording, audio only recording and timeshift function;
  • Changed InterVideo MPEG 1/2 recording dialog box;
  • Added possibility to choose software MPEG encoder for timeshift in analog translation, both for models with hardware encoder and without;
  • Added support of integrated Windows 7 AAC decoder for DVB (supported ADTS and LOAS/LATM syntax);
  • Added detailed information and statistics for elementary A/V streams in DVB mode. Supported standards are MPEG1/2, H.264, MPA, AC3, DTS, AAC ADTS and LOAS/LATM;
  • Added real time clock correction from TS stream for possibility to receive DVB channel for very long time (over the round clock without channel switching). There is no more clock drift and DVB demultiplexor buffer overrun;
  • Optimized DVB demultiplexor work with "dirty" stream;
  • Fixed DVB work in timeshift for H.264 HD 1080i stream with bitrate over 8 Mbit/s;
  • Fixed switching DVB stereo channel PCM buffer format IEEE_FLOAT under Vista/7;
  • Fixed DVB demultiplexor buffer overrun on active Teletext stream with incorrect time base;
  • Fixed probable OSD disappearing with transparent background on Windows Vista/7;
  • Fixed MPEG files splitting when recording by hardware encoder on Behold TV X7;
  • Fixed work of 44.1 kHz sampling frequency when recording with hardware encoder on Behold TV X7 (only from external A/V input);
  • Fixed DirectSound sound output in Timeshift, if the needed sound output device differs from default sound device;
  • Fixed DirectSound sound output (session lock) on Windows Vista/7;
  • Fixed picture disappearing under certain conditions after recording stop on Windows Vista;
  • Fixed unpacking UNIX ZIP archives that contain national symbols in file names;
  • Changed making backup copy of configuration files to prevent damaging on inexpected Windows shutdown;
  • Fixed minor bugs.


btv_v509.zip (3.3 Mb)

Universal driver for ALL PCI/PCI-E/PCMCIA/USB tuners for OS Windows 2000/XP/2003/MCE/Vista/7/8 32/64 bits

Driver and application software installation instructions

  • Added KSP extension for reading IQ constellation.
  • Updated installer manifest.


Newdrv_v5520.zip (1005.6 kb)
  • Added support of Behold TV Cruise Lite and Behold TV T85 models.
  • Fixed exit from sleep/hybernation modes on active DVB mode for H8/T8/Cruise models.


drv_v5510.zip (1003.9 kb)
  • Added AVStream driver for USB A/V decoder Conexant CX23102 and support of Behold TV Cruise model.
  • Added support of DVB demodulator SiLabs Si2168 of revision B40.
  • Added energy saving function in control module for RF tuners NXP TDA18271 and TDA18273.
  • Fixed problem of switching BG/DK systems in control module for RF tuners NXP TDA18271 and TDA18273.
  • Fixed retuning system in control module for RF tuner NXP TDA18273.
  • Fixed damaging of TS stream in models on NXP SAA7135 chipset after exit from sleep/hybernation modes.
  • Fixed bug of Soft IR decoder Sony SIRC-12/15/20 in models with ARC function.
  • Fixed Bugcheck DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION under Windows 8/8.1 Verifier.


drv_v5500.zip (1001.6 kb)
  • Fixed work with Multi PLP digital streams.


drv_v5450.zip (805 kb)
  • Updated firmware of Si2168 demodulator.
  • Increased LOCK timeout for low bitrate DVB-T2 multiplexes.
  • Fixed bug of MediumGUID device "Behold TV T8: DVB-C Capture" when work with third-party BDA applications (in particular ProgDVB).


drv_v5440.zip (805 kb)
  • Spectrum inversion is turned on by default for DVB-C channels.
NXP SAA7231:
  • Added support of PCIe TV tuner Behold TV T8.
Trident TM6010:
  • Fixed I2C logic for work with XCeive XC5000C tuner.


drv_v5430.zip (803.8 kb)
  • Added support of BDA handler KSPROPERTY_BDA_PLP_NUMBER for switching DVB-T HP/LP and DVB-T2 PLP ID in third party applications that use BDA architecture.
  • Added support of PCI TV tuner Behold TV T7 and DVB-T/T2/C demodulator Si2168.
NXP SAA7231:
  • Correction of analog frontend (NAICO) in CVBS input mode.


drv_v5410.zip (802.6 kb)
  • Added support of Line Mono LL and RR modes for A/V input for USB models;
  • Fixed stop of hardware scaler (picture freezing) on weak signal in PCI models. The problem is primarily reveals in serfing mode;
  • Fixed the error in installer in silent mode under Windows 2000/XP/2003;
  • Added the removal of installer executable file after driver deinstallation through "Add or remove programs".


Newdrv_v5380.zip (738.9 kb)
  • Added support of RF tuner NXP TDA18273HN fer new revisions of PCIe models;
  • Added support of RF tuner XCeive XC5000C for new revisions of USB and PCI models;
  • Fixed unstable work of RF tuner XCeive XC5000C on USB models;
  • Added options /s (silent mode) and /u (uninstall) for installation and uninstallation of driver without user dialog.


drv_v5375.zip (744 kb)
  • Fixed problem with digital certificate on some installations of 64-bit version of OS Windows 7.
NXP SAA7231:
  • Fixed problem of disappearing sound after closing BeholdTV application in the case of DirectShow instances of capture device are opened by external applications.


drv_v5350.zip (733.9 kb)
  • The number of supported tuners is no more limited.
  • Added device listing in WDM Audio Capture device list for Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • Fixed jump of Quality to 100% during carrier lock for frontend Intel CE6353.
  • Added support of Behold TV H75
  • Fixed bugcheck arisen under certain conditions in x64 systems with multicore CPU.
  • Fixed remotre control problem for 403FM model, remote control was broken in previous version
NXP SAA7231:
  • Added support of models Behold TV A85/H85
  • Fixed inexpected signal loose in DVB-T frontend input.
  • Fixed sudden swinging and loose of DVB-T quality up to zero.
  • Optimized scan process of DVB-T carrier for direct and inverse spectre.
Trident TM6010:
  • Added support of models Behold TV Wander Lite/Voyage Lite.
  • Fixed remote control decoder shutdown on accidental receive of IR commands before driver load.
  • Fixed bugcheck arisen under certain conditions.


drv_v5320.zip (721.7 kb)

Firmware updates for tablet PCs BeTAB

To update firmware download and unpack archives:

  • with firmware (BeTAB_xxxx_xxxx_xx_xx.zip),
  • with update utility and driver RKBatchTool30.zip to update tablet PCs based on RockChip processors (BeTAB 7071/1001/1041).
  • with update utility and driver LiveSuit.zip to update tablet PCs based on BoxChip processors (BeTAB 7004).

Tablet PC firmware update on BoxChip processors (BeTAB 7004)

  1. Fully charge your tablet PC and disconnect from charger.
  2. Turn off tablet PC.
  3. Press "–" button and, while holding it down, connect tablet to USB port of personal computer.
  4. Without releasing button "–" press five times the button "Power".
  5. Operating system will detect new device, you need to install driver for it from the folder UsbDriver of package LiveSuit.
  6. Launch utility LiveSuit.exe and select file with firmware.
  7. Detach tablet from PC and connect it again to USB port of PC. The firmware update will start automatically.

Tablet PC firmware update on RockChip processors (BeTAB 7071/1001/1041)

  1. Fully charge your tablet PC and disconnect from charger.
  2. Turn off tablet PC.
  3. Press "M" (menu) button on BeTAB 7071 or "–" button on BeTAB 1001 or 1041 and, while holding it down, connect tablet to USB port of personal computer.
  4. Operating system will detect new device, you need to install driver for it from the folder RockusbDriver of package RKBatchTool30.
  5. Launch utility RKBatchTool.exe. The square with number "1" in the list of connected devices must be of green color.
  6. Upload firware (button "…") and press "Update".

Tablet PC firmware update on BeTAB 1042

  1. Fully charge your tablet PC and disconnect from charger.
  2. Turn off tablet PC.
  3. Connect tablet to USB port of personal computer. Press button "+" and, while holding it down, connect charger to tablet PC.
  4. Operating system will detect new device, you need to install driver for it from the folder RockusbDriver of package RKBatchTool30.
  5. Launch utility RKBatchTool.exe. The square with number "1" in the list of connected devices must be of green color.
  6. Upload firware (button "…") and press "Update".

Utility and driver version 1.09 for firmware update for tablet PCs based on BoxChip processors.


LiveSuit.zip (9.7 Mb)
Utility and driver version 1.5 for firmware update for tablet PCs based on RockChip processors.


RKBatchTool30.zip (666.2 kb)
Firmware version 130220 (Root) for BeTAB 1042.


NewBeTAB_1042_2013_02_20_Root.zip (263.3 Mb)
Firmware version 121129 for BeTAB 1042.


Warning: stat(): stat failed for /home/sg/beholdtv.com/docs/files/BeTAB_1042_2012_11_29.zip in /home/sg/beholder.ru/docs/_/size.php on line 4
BeTAB_1042_2012_11_29.zip ( b)
Firmware version 121026 (Android 4.1) for BeTAB 1041.


BeTAB_1041_2012_10_26.zip (223.1 Mb)
Firmware version 120723 for BeTAB 7004.


BeTAB_7004_2012_07_23.zip (258.7 Mb)
Firmware version 120716 (Root) for BeTAB 1041.


BeTAB_1041_2012_07_16_Root.zip (192.9 Mb)
Firmware version 120424 (Root) for BeTAB 1001.


BeTAB_1001_2012_04_24_Root.zip (194.6 Mb)
Firmware version 120301 (Root) for BeTAB 7071.


BeTAB_7071_2012_03_01_Root.zip (123 Mb)
Firmware version 120301 for BeTAB 7071.


BeTAB_7071_2012_03_01.zip (148.9 Mb)

Firmware updates for media-player Ventus

To update firmware download and unpack archive with firmware. Then follow the instructions from User manual.

Firmware version 121121 for Ventus.


NewVentus_2012_11_21.zip (61.2 Mb)
Firmware version 111028 for Ventus.


Ventus_2011_10_28.zip (61.2 Mb)

Software for BeholdTV SOLO II

Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV SOLO II version 100816.
Main changes:
  • Added POD screen resolutions:
    • 1280*768@60Hz
    • 1600*900@60Hz
    • 1600*1200@60Hz
    • 1920*1080@60Hz
    • 1920*1200@60Hz


Solo2_100816.zip (93.4 kb)
Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV SOLO II.


Solo2_090320.zip (92.7 kb)
Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV SOLO II, first release.


Solo2_080709.zip (92.2 kb)
Appication is intended for:
  • Firmware updating;
  • Tuner setup;
  • TV/FM channels setup.


bh_tvbox_2.zip (628.2 kb)

Software for BeholdTV INTRO

Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV INTRO, version 100707.
Main changes:
  • Added POD screen resolutions:
    • 1280*768@60Hz
    • 1600*900@60Hz
    • 1600*1200@60Hz
    • 1920*1080@60Hz
    • 1920*1200@60Hz


intro_100707.zip (93.7 kb)
Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV INTRO, version 090909.
Main changes:
  • Pertaining AV volume when switching PC-AV;
  • Sound is off when volume decrease to zero level;
  • Display number of channel when swithing to.


intro_090909.zip (92.3 kb)
Firmware for TV-tuner BeholdTV INTRO, version 080717.


intro_080717.zip (92.1 kb)
Appication is intended for:
  • Firmware updating;
  • Tuner setup;
  • TV channels setup.


bh_tvbox_2.zip (628.2 kb)

Behold TV plugins

Plugins are designed to extend functionality of Behold TV application to suit your needs. Plugins are to process picture and to control the Behold TV application while looking or recording TV broadcast and video.

To apply plugin, copy it to the subfolder "Plugins" in the folder where Behold TV application is installed, for example, "C:\Program Files\BeholdTV\Plugins\". Then from application settings "Video" tab click "Video processing setting for preview" and in opened window select necessary plugin for videoprocessing or deinterlace. The same plugins can be used for video capture. Adding the plugin is performed in tab "Video/audio settings" in "Record panel".

Plugin descriptionLink
BPP_AutoZoom the plugin automatically detects the presence of black borders (matte) in the frame, determines the width and stretches the image, removing the borders out of video window area.More…


BPP_AutoZoom_v110.zip (43.1 kb)
Plugin BPP_P888 is designed for overlay subtitle text on the image while viewing, recording, and broadcast to the network.More…


BPP_P888_v100.zip (65.4 kb)
Plugin BPP_FreqFilter - the most common type of frequency filter designed to remove periodic noise.More…


BPP_FreqFilter_v101.zip (61.9 kb)
BPD_Smart plugin is intended for deinterlacing of moving scenes, – smoothing the comb-like edges of moving objects. More…


BPD_Smart_v150.zip (18 kb)
BPP_MCDenoise (Motion Compensated Denoise) plugin is a combination of per-channel temporal denoise, previously implemented in BPP_AdvDenoise plugin, and "motion detection", that minimizes distortions of temporal denoise. More…


BPP_MCDenoise_v102.zip (46.8 kb)
BPP_CrawlLine plugin is intended to output crawling line on the screen. Crawling line may be any text, contents of text file or news from RSS web feeds. More…


BPP_CrawlLine_v103.zip (67.5 kb)
BPP_UVDenoise plugin is intended to remove pulse noise, arising in UV color channel of TV picture. More…


BPP_UVDenoise_v102.zip (39.1 kb)
BPP_Scaler plugin is intended for scaling and positioning picture frame when recording. More…


BPP_Scaler_v102.zip (42.2 kb)
BPP_Informer plugin is intended to download from the web and output to screen a small frequently updated pictures called "Informers", that show useful information such as weather forecast, stock quotes market indexes, announces and news. More…


BPP_Informer_v102.zip (71.9 kb)
BPP_LogoKiller plugin allows to hide or make less visible on screen any logo of TV channel. More…


BPP_LogoKiller_v102.zip (72.3 kb)
BPP_LogoExtractor plugin is intended for extracting and saving a static parts of picture, channel logos etc. The extracted logos may be further used with BPP_LogoDetector plugin. More…


BPP_LogoExtractor_v102.zip (23.1 kb)
BPP_MyLogo plugin is intended to apply own logo on picture while recording or broadcasting to network. More…


BPP_MyLogo_v103.zip (64 kb)
BPP_Aspect plugin allows to save proportion of picture independent of window size or display aspect (in full screen). First of all this plugin will be usefull to owners of wide-screen displays with aspect ratio 16:9 or 16:10. More…


BPP_Aspect_v150.zip (41.8 kb)
BPP_ChromaOffset plugin corrects the U/V color components of TV signal with respect to Y component (luminosity). Shift of U/V components allows to remove the small delay or advance of color of picture elements, that may arise on some TV channels.


BPP_ChromaOffset_v200.zip (39.9 kb)
Independent denoise in Y, U, V or R, G, B picture channels.


BPP_AdvDenoise_v103.zip (40 kb)
BPP_PiP plugin allows to organize PiP (picture in picture) simultaneously with two independent channels if you have more than one TV tuner installed. More…


BPP_PiP_v122.zip (50.4 kb)
BPP_Anaglyph plugin transforms in real time every grayscale or color picture to anaglyph stereo (greek anaglyphos – relief), that allows to achieve the scene depth while looking the plain TV and video programs. At that time this effect achieved not only for the whole scene but for every moving object in picture. More…


BPP_Anaglyph_v350.zip (47.9 kb)
BPP_LineView plugin is intended to measure parameters an arbitrary visible line of TV frame. Plugin allows to measure signal/noise ratio on any part of line, also to take spectre and levels distribution for every RGB/YUV component of TV signal.


BPP_LineView_v104.zip (29.9 kb)
Plugin allows to set action on TV signal loose, for example, fill screen with selected color, mute sound, switch to next channel, sleep to tray, application close, turn off PC, sleep or hibernate Windows.


BPP_Blank_v150.zip (9.3 kb)
Simple plugin that converts color picture in RGB24 or YUY2 format to grayscale.


BPP_bw_v100.zip (6.7 kb)
BPP_Gamma plugin allows to set gamma correction for each RGB channel of picture and individually for each TV-channel. More…


BPP_Gamma_v103.zip (41.7 kb)
This plugin illustrates the use of tuner on practical application of subliminal message (25th frame). In this case it is realized the method that, in theory, helps learning the foreign language. This differs from all other programs in way that it uses the true 25th frame inserted in translation of real TV broadcast. More…


BPP_25Frame_v150.zip (135.1 kb)
Plugin that shows the normed diagrams of Y, R, G and B components level distribution. Plugin works in YUY2 and RGB24 modes and allows to impartially evaluate and regulate such parameters of picture as luminosity, black and white levels and contrast. More…


BPP_Levels_v100.zip (10.4 kb)
BPP_LogoDetector plugin compares the part of TV picture with TV channel logo template and when logo disappears allows to mute sound or pause recording (in recording mode). As a result the plugin allows to saveup to 30% of disk space, removing the commercials translated without channel logo and make the TV show more comfortable. More…


BPP_LogoDetector_v123.zip (39.8 kb)
Plugin allows to show current date/time while viewing or recording. More…


BPP_OSDClock_v203.zip (49.8 kb)
Plugin that allows to organize a simple guard system based on TV-tuner with motion detection in selected zones and recording video, sound or series of pictures on events. More…


BPP_BTVGuard_v250.zip (70.8 kb)
Filling border with selected color.


BPP_Border_v150.zip (5.7 kb)
Noise reduction.


BPP_Denoise_v170.zip (5.3 kb)
Sharpen picture.


BPP_Sharpn_v150.zip (4.9 kb)
Plugin intended to reduce distortions by signal reflexion, when two or more reflexed signals came by different paths mixed together. More…


BPP_AMPPlugin_v250.zip (43.9 kb)
BPP_Inverse plugin is for mirroring picture, rotating and color inverting.


BPP_Inverse_v202.zip (37.8 kb)
This plugin allows to visualize switching channels and tuner inputs. To make the switching more smooth it is recommended to open setting "Video" tab and set Vertical synchronization to "Fast tracking". For "Fast tracking" to work it is needed to manually set the TV system type (PAL/SECAM) for each channel in list.


BPP_CHSwitchingEffects_v106.zip (41.3 kb)
Bilinear filtering of odd and even lines. Fast processing speed.


BPD_Blend2_v120.zip (2.1 kb)
Trilinear filtering of odd and even lines. Fast processing speed.


BPD_Blend3_v120.zip (2.1 kb)
Adaptive addition of cut and uncut pixels for odd lines. Low processing speed.


BPD_BClip_v120.zip (3 kb)
Interpolation of adjacent lines. Very fast processing speed.


BPD_FieldBob_v120.zip (2 kb)
BOB-deinterlace on borders. Fast processing speed. Good quality.


BPD_Bob_v140.zip (4.3 kb)
Selection of current or previous pixel with less interlace factor, then additional cut.


BPD_Motion_v140.zip (5.1 kb)


If you know programming languages C, C++ or Delphi sufficiently well, have an idea, how to improve Behold TV application and make it even more powerfull and functional, or you just want to try realtime video processing, you can do it. Here you can download all necessary documentation, specially developed for implementation Behold TV plugins.

API&SDK documentation and samples with sources of BeholdTV plugins (C++, Delphi)


PluginsSDK.zip (80 kb)
API, that allows to support Behold TV remote control in your own applications.


BeholdRC_v22.zip (17.1 kb)
Windows header file with messages definition, which provide Behold TV application control from external software.


BhMsg_v522.zip (6.4 kb)


Configuration files for LIRC and WinLIRC.


lirc.zip (2.6 kb)
Pronto-codes of remote controls.


Pronto.zip (2.5 kb)
Plugin for Internet-"phishing" on hybrid Beholder tuners in SkyNet and Manna programs.
Version 1.1 supports for DUAI, allowing to choose input from which the stream will be "phished".


Streamreader_v11.zip (17.5 kb)
Frame-by-frame shot of reviving plant. Shooting parameters: camera – SONY Handycam Video 8, TV-tuner – Behold TV Columbus, mode – set of screenshots with 2 minutes interval during 10 hours.


Flower.wmv (509.9 kb)
Sample of captured video in two different formats – mpg and wmv. Recording parameters are on the corresponding log-files. Video source – S-Video output DVD Panasonic S75.


MPG_Sample.zip (7.2 Mb)
WMV_Sample.zip (2.4 Mb)
Screenshot samples from S-VHS tuner input. Video-source – S-Video output DVD Panasonic S75.


Pictures.zip (1.3 Mb)
Service utility for troubleshooting BeholdTV tuners.


BhDebug_v12.zip (229.5 kb)
Official plugin to support Behold TV remote control in program SlyControl 2 (www.slycontrol.ru).


SlyControlRC_v14.zip (39.2 kb)
Official plugin to support Behold TV remote control in program Girder (www.promixis.com).


GirderRC_v13.zip (8.2 kb)
Plugin for program Radiator FM (flesko.cz).


RadiatorFM_v13.zip (12.1 kb)