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Is it possible to run two or more tuners in one PC simultaneously?

Yes, it's possible. Starting with version 5.17 our software supports one main and up to 10 additional profiles. Accordingly, you can setup up to 11 Beholder tuners to work simultaneously. With the help of plugin BPP_PIP ("Picture-in-picture") you can use not only our tuners but tuners of other manufacturers.

Starting with version our driver supports unlimited number of tuners. Drivers of versions – support up to 8 tuners. Older versions support up to 4 tuners.

If you use the Beholder tuner along with tuner of other manufacturer, you should use driver of version 3.0 or higher and application of version 4.72 or higher. Older versions may conflict with drivers of other manufacturers.

When using more than one tuner it is highly recommended to use one component driver – version 2.70 or higher, – because software of other manufacturers (even from well known manufacturers) not always correctly use system enumerator to select necessary device. With one component driver the probability of correct work of software of other manufacturers is much higher. Our software always correctly finds our devices. Note: one component driver is the driver that provides only one device to system. In multicomponent driver there may be seen two different devices – video capture device and tuner.

Setup of two tuners work. OS installs device driver separately for each device. You need to install the same driver for all our tuners. Also you need to correctly connect audio cables and setup lines for sound. Because one line can not be used for more than one tuner, different tuners must use either different lines or sound via PCI. If you used several different lines of sound card, you need to correctly select them in corresponding application profiles.

You should keep in mind that overlay surface will be available only to one instance when you run several instances of Behold TV application.

Remember that we are not responsible for work of tuners of other manufacturers in BPP_PIP plugin and correct work of other applications on our tuners.