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Record video by hardware encoder. When playback the recorded file sometimes appear defects as random block lines, also strong jerks of video. If I try to recode video file by different programs they give an error "Incompleted Frame at…".

These errors caused by spoiling of MPEG2 stream transferred by PCI bus and by loosing parts of stream. Spoiling the stream is caused by one of the PCI devices, generally IDE or SATA controller, holding the PCI bus for a long time. Due to this FIFO buffer of chipset overflows and stream samples loose data. To control DMA stream you may turn on recording log. After finishing the recording open the log and in "Record task statistics" section see the statistics "Total corrupted MPEG DMA samples" and "Total lost MPEG DMA samples". If everithing is OK, these fields must contain zeroes. If one of these values is not zero (especially "corrupted"), you need to put tuner card to another PCI slot or change parameters of PCI DMA controller in Behold TV application setting. Decreasing Burst length, FiFo threshold, or increasing Latency timer, you need to achieve zero values of MPEG DMA error counters in recording logs.

Also you need to turn off Cool'n'Quiet energy saving. In this mode to get lower power consumption the CPU and system are set to state when stream data transfer on PCI bus could not be performed reliably.




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