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"Cannot render stream to Pin Preview"

Message "Cannot render stream to Pin Preview" is shown by DirectX when it is unable to pass video stream to video adapter for displaying.

Particularly, this message may appear on attempt of launching application from remote desktop in the case that Behold TV application is set to display video by hardware display overlay, which is not available for remote desktop connection.

Try to set another video display method in "Video" settings of application. Check that hardware acceleration in display adapter settings is fully enabled. For this go to "Troubleshooting" menu of additional settings of display adapter and set hardware acceleration to maximum. Also launch dxdiag.exe utility ("Start" –> Run… –> dxdiag.exe) and check that in "Display" tab of utility the hardware acceleration of DirectDraw and Direct3D is fully turned on. Reinstall or update driver of display adapter and DirectX.

DirectX may refuse to work with display adapter driver as a result of damaging or replacing to broken or old version of system library quartz.dll. In this case you may try to repair library again by command "regsvr32 quartz.dll". But you must ensure that this library is not changed by foreign software such as codeck-packs, etc.

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